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The Past

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
-*turning points (payback)*-

Now he'd have it all he thought. Brad would probably laugh a bit on the inside, but he never liked that guy either. Someone needed to show him how the system worked because these days the world was dark and grotesque. No one cared for the way it used to be. But as much as things had changed from he read in the history books, things seemed a lot the same.

"What we gonna do today?"
"Don't you have work?"
"Oh shit, yeah. My boss is an asshole though, but I need the money. You know, for the thing".
"Yeah man, whatever you gotta do. It's your world."
"Yours too dude."
"I choose a simple life J, as you can see." Brad displayed his wardrobe, spreading his arms as if on a cross, arching his back about the fall backwards.
"Heh. You're right. Maybe that's the way I should go too."
"Nah fuck that, I ain't had no pussy in ages."
"Gets old after awhile anyway, y'know?"
"Nah I don't 'y'know'."
"My bad. Let's get out of here." Brad gave a nod of agreement and they headed out of the house.

They didn't quite know where they were, but that was generally the case. Wanderers, both of them. Luckily, Jacob was already wearing his work clothes so he asked some stranger for directions and they both headed to the mall on foot. Death was a regular things for them, but then again, so was drinking, and pretty much whatever else they could force into their bodies.

Things were going to get interesting, or so Jacob thought. They'd both seen better days but they didn't notice it deteriorate day by day. Getting older meant getting weaker. They were marked people in a couple years. She didn't need a dad anyway, no one did. Jacob off'd his folks a long time ago. They were worth more to him dead than alive anyway.

He felt he was losing focus though, being with someone that wanted things that were simply meant to be doomed in the end. On the bright side, he was getting some.


He slapped her so hard it shook her very being.

"I probably deserved.."
"Damn straight you did." His voice was solemn and stature unmoving.

She didn't cry.

She let one tear hit the ground and stood up. She didn't flinch at him as she walked past, fearing nothing. She was hardened to the core now and nothing was going to shake her anymore. She pushed herself against the grain of reality and walked outside the house.

She felt him approaching from behind but didn't turn. If something more was coming to her, she was going to stand right there if it meant death. He simply walked past her.

Her shoulders tensed, she broke her grassy stare and reached into her pocket. Everything went silent a moment and a shot rang out. That was that, she thought. This is how things were solved in her world--Her World.

No one would blame her. She came back just for this. In restrospect she should've stayed gone, it would've saved her the shiner. Her heartbeat never rose, her thoughts bent only on achieving the essence of fairness.

Jacob came out from inside the house and clutched her shoulders tightly.

"No one cares about that guy."
"Not anymore."
"What're we going to do now?"
"Let's go."

With that they almost laughed. This was a kid's world. What opinions did adults have that actually mattered? Justice in her jeans. A killer, a cold-hearted bitch, a loving girlfriend, and already feeling better.

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 10

Grey (2:44 AM)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
-*new things*-

For any of the avid STO readers, the story is going to be taking a change of time frame again, and I just want to warn everyone. Mia's chapters are done now, and a few of the upcoming chapters are going to reveal oddities of the society that they live in. I've used sort of a priming principle in the story thus far, but the "previous" chapters (the ones you read later) provide the reader with a darker ambiance.

I don't plan for this story to finish for another 3 or 4 months, because it is supposed to take a year to tell the story. They first STO, Chapter 20, was posted on Thursday, July 7, 2005. You can find it in the archives, and I would recommend for anyone that may need to brush up on the chapters already posted, that you go through the archives and put each chapter in a separate text file.

The story takes place in the year of the lives, or non-lives, of a number of a characters, two of which we've focused on so far. Chapters 16 through 20 gave us a first-hand glance at Jacob, but using a somewhat omniscient narrator. The next block of chapters, I guess you could call it "The Mia block", were chapters 11 through 15 and basically served to let us into the mind of Mia, our female main character.

I do this for a reason--I wish for both characters to play the protagonist and the antagonist. Their life is no more a struggle than they make it for each other. One pulls, on pushes. Why? Why do we do this in real life? Their story does take place in real time. It is taking place right now, somewhere else. That "somewhere else" is going to be a new theme spread throughout most of the upcoming chapters. It may be a struggle to understand what is going on, but eventually all the loose, frayed ends, will be either cut or waxed together. Of course, by this I mean either things will come to an abrupt end(maybe even where you won't like it), or they have the potential to become pushed to a head again.

Honestly, I hope you guys enjoy this story for what it's worth because I put a lot of thought and time into it, even when I forget to post the chapters because of schoolwork or I'm just playing video games. The next chapter is ready to be posted and depending on how I feel, or the feedback I get to the tagboard message, it could go up in three weeks, or three days. I do have two of the chapters already planned as a double feature though, and quite frankly, your responses will sway me into posting the new chapter sooner or later, and may even make the story juicier.

Hate me or love me yet? Hmmm. I like this game. By the way, I posted this pretty soon after the last chapter, so if you didn't read it yet, it's right down below! Down there ::points down:: Go get it! And if you didn't read it well the first time, read it again fucker, cuz you might've missed something. ::hint hint::

Okay I'm done. See yas next time, it's 4am..

Grey (3:53 AM)



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