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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Five-pointed stars sing of differing waves.
A blue of the hue once faded away,
and become anew shade
throught the thickett of the glade,
and bounce to frolick, frolick walack,
to frolick too.

Blog overhaul commencing.. Loaded.

You will notice the new page title and some stuff I've been meaning to write and say in words that have been coming to mind lately. An evolution of my thoughts' own evolvution. You may notice a lot of past tense coming up shortly and the lack of interest in duty or morality. Such is the way of life, and it is great now, I think. Maybe I'm just telling myself that, but at least if sorta feels right.

Anyhow, relink this page with the new page title. Perhaps things will make more sense to you soon.



Grey (9:28 PM)

Monday, February 23, 2004
-*harmony sammiches*-

So I gave livejournal a whirl today and I've decided to stick with blogger for the time being, or until I find something better.

One big problem I had with it was the limited number of templates they had available, but they were quite more numerous than free blogger, that's for sure. The customization was cool, and somewhat intermediate in level of understanding required to manage efficiently. The thing that really got me was not being able to adjust html template code freely. That was a real bummer. No SoA banner? *pout* No tag board *cry* and no counter and advertising? *sobs loudly*

Alas, blogger it is. I'll see you guys around sometimes this week. Oh, and so far done are numbers 6, 8 (since I didn't swap), and half of 1. Go me.

*flashes renewed lease on life card*

I will be changing some stuff up around here. I hope to update a lot more coming soon!

Grey (4:35 AM)

Sunday, February 22, 2004
-*todo list!*-

Oh my, matching titles to subject matter makes my brain rattle in it's shell.

I'm going to the APC show at PNC Bank Arts Center on May 1st. I rock. I'm going with Kaa, Kim, and Fred from school.

Anyhow. Todo lists eh? I'm a master of them!

1. Write my two psych papers (tonight I hope)
2. Study for my two psych exams (Wednesday)
3. Pick up my parking permit finally (tomorrow)
4. Mail Urien package now that I've got some money again (tomorrow)
5. Code that Den room (tonight/tuesday)
6. Upload some documents on lifeforms for balance (tonight or tomorrow)
7. Switch my blogger over to an LJ
8. Remake entire friggin' website!
9. Goto that review session (tomorrow)

Shit, this is a busy week.
I'll update as I go!

Grey (9:57 PM)

Sunday, February 15, 2004
-*slices of frog pie*-

Being stared at. It's great. I haven't gotten bunch done this week due to my new fishing policy on FFXI. I haven't been as active on the MUD as I'd like and the free time I do have I spend reading a textbook here and there and eating on occasion.

Goals - weekly:
gain 5 levels for my Paladin
do all my school reading
go to at least 80% of my classes
take at least a dozen cool pictures
Catch at least 120 moat carp (~4k/stack on Titan)

Goals - long term:
Max Paladin
Max Dark Knight
Graduate? (haha..! yeah, right)

Goals - immediate:
Finish that area I've been coding for a year now
Find out a way to be more laid back but less stressed out
Huggle Troela more
Goto Kazham again

Well this was a really boring post because nothing special happened this week. It was just a typical kinda week. I had a few dreams but none really worth mentioning, unless you like playing Tennis in a rainforest with giant candy-stick rackets and red rubber squares. Greg woke up about an hour ago and is playing Sublime as usual. Vhary is sending me some stories (I hope!!) so I can read them and stuff. I am about to read Sujit's story I guess. I have nothing else to do and I promised I would a few weeks ago. I guess that's is. I'll update my status in FFXI at the bottom is case anyone's interested.

25 Paladin
12 Warrior

San d'Orian
Linkshell: Syndicate (Notables: Atheldown, Xerlic)

Gear of note: 2 energy earrings, longsword +1, decurion's shield, friar's rope, dhalmel mantle +1, holy phial, all but fisherman's hose for fishing gear
Currently using: longsword +1, decurion's shield, glass fishing pole, fly lure (yummy salmon), iron mask, tiger's stole, 2 energy earrings, chainmail, chain mittens, san d'oria ring, saintly ring, dhalmel mantle, friar's rope, chain hose, greaves.

Job levels:

Paladin : 25

Warrior : 30 R.Mage : 1
Monk : 18 Thief : 1
W.Mage : 9 B.Mage : 4

Craft skills:
Fishing: 16 (Recruit)
All else at 1


Grey (10:30 PM)

Sunday, February 08, 2004
-*splatter hole*-

I saW a cloud
thAt looked like
a chili pepper.
and i thought it waS

I wished to write this paragraph first, but in reality, I wanted you to r/ne/e/a/d these words and the words above at the same time. They would have left an unrelated ring-tone upon your wracked mind and I wish to apologise for having not been able to replicate that feeling within your breast.

These are the folly of words. Amen (Grey 1:13-20)

Grey (4:30 AM)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

When going downhill,
from overhead,
it seems as though you're going
in a

Grey (8:01 PM)



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