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Monday, February 23, 2004
-*harmony sammiches*-

So I gave livejournal a whirl today and I've decided to stick with blogger for the time being, or until I find something better.

One big problem I had with it was the limited number of templates they had available, but they were quite more numerous than free blogger, that's for sure. The customization was cool, and somewhat intermediate in level of understanding required to manage efficiently. The thing that really got me was not being able to adjust html template code freely. That was a real bummer. No SoA banner? *pout* No tag board *cry* and no counter and advertising? *sobs loudly*

Alas, blogger it is. I'll see you guys around sometimes this week. Oh, and so far done are numbers 6, 8 (since I didn't swap), and half of 1. Go me.

*flashes renewed lease on life card*

I will be changing some stuff up around here. I hope to update a lot more coming soon!

Grey (4:35 AM)

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