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Sunday, February 15, 2004
-*slices of frog pie*-

Being stared at. It's great. I haven't gotten bunch done this week due to my new fishing policy on FFXI. I haven't been as active on the MUD as I'd like and the free time I do have I spend reading a textbook here and there and eating on occasion.

Goals - weekly:
gain 5 levels for my Paladin
do all my school reading
go to at least 80% of my classes
take at least a dozen cool pictures
Catch at least 120 moat carp (~4k/stack on Titan)

Goals - long term:
Max Paladin
Max Dark Knight
Graduate? (haha..! yeah, right)

Goals - immediate:
Finish that area I've been coding for a year now
Find out a way to be more laid back but less stressed out
Huggle Troela more
Goto Kazham again

Well this was a really boring post because nothing special happened this week. It was just a typical kinda week. I had a few dreams but none really worth mentioning, unless you like playing Tennis in a rainforest with giant candy-stick rackets and red rubber squares. Greg woke up about an hour ago and is playing Sublime as usual. Vhary is sending me some stories (I hope!!) so I can read them and stuff. I am about to read Sujit's story I guess. I have nothing else to do and I promised I would a few weeks ago. I guess that's is. I'll update my status in FFXI at the bottom is case anyone's interested.

25 Paladin
12 Warrior

San d'Orian
Linkshell: Syndicate (Notables: Atheldown, Xerlic)

Gear of note: 2 energy earrings, longsword +1, decurion's shield, friar's rope, dhalmel mantle +1, holy phial, all but fisherman's hose for fishing gear
Currently using: longsword +1, decurion's shield, glass fishing pole, fly lure (yummy salmon), iron mask, tiger's stole, 2 energy earrings, chainmail, chain mittens, san d'oria ring, saintly ring, dhalmel mantle, friar's rope, chain hose, greaves.

Job levels:

Paladin : 25

Warrior : 30 R.Mage : 1
Monk : 18 Thief : 1
W.Mage : 9 B.Mage : 4

Craft skills:
Fishing: 16 (Recruit)
All else at 1


Grey (10:30 PM)

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