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Friday, December 13, 2002

Ah yes. Finals are coming closer and closer every minute that passes. Suprisingly, I can't wait to get them over with, I'm confident that I will do as well or better on every final that my previous 2 or 3 exams in each respective class. But perhaps I'm overconfident and anxious to just get the hell out of here. Today I did nothing but study and I've wasted the last 4 hours relaxing and doing absolutely nothing but chatting it up with a lizardman.

I feel really good today, I dunno why, but I just do and that's ok, right? I guess I can attribute that to the MUD though. A lot of things are being decided now that have been in limbo for months due to school, but the closing of the semester for us college kids and the upcoming christmas break benefits us all, including Seasons of Almadyn. All my life I've looked for a place to call home and I'd just never found it until September of last year. I was so happy on my old MUD, things were changing, but not for the good, yet strangely, I felt as if my presence there was actually the catalyst for most of the downgrading that was occuring. My removal proved that. I had a big head on my shoulders there. I played for me, and for my friends, but mainly for myself, who else is there to play for? I had lotsa fancy equipment, some was borrowed, but most was my own. It was all earned in some seemingly fair way which was overruled later and some of it was even taken away, but I know I earned my keep. I earned my removal too and it was probably the best things for me at the time what with classes and such. But that never phased me. I think at that point I just stopped being angry with everything else, and just my own personal problems, which I mentally created through contact with a loved one. Come last April though, right around the time of I-Con, I started to lose all sense of anger. I regressed, back into some child-like maturity and it made me smile for the first time in my life. I dunno if I've smiled since then, laffing doesn't count.

But anyhow, I'm devoid of anger these days, or at least I thought I was until yesterday evening. I started to make my class schedule for next semester. Everything was going well, I got into two of the classes I wanted to right away but the last three.. no. I reverted to paging my way thru the class manual for some second and third string classes. Well, I ended up taking something like 6th-string classes, none of which go towards my major, my minor, nor my gen-ed requirements. Well, it's the way life is, I got angry at this university, but only for about 4minutes time, seemingly *very* long when I'm angry. It was all settled by chinese food, good stuff.

But going back to the non-existent topic, I wanna talk about the MUD some more. We're gonna have a lot of features that really stretch our necks out. I read a post on Top Mud Sites today that stated the obvious so clearly to me. When you create a game, adding a lot of new features is very anti-normative. People who play MMORPGs like EverQuest or Asheron's Call play because it's really just a very generic, but highly-polished game. People like hack'n slash and when you take that away from them, the idea of variety floods them almost to an overwhelming extent. Well, in my life, I've never tried to be normal, I don't even appreciate society, religion, politics, economics, or intellectualism. To me, it's all bullshit, but it makes the world go 'round. I'm not involved, I couldn't care less about that stuff. So Seasons is going to be mostly-original, for being 100% original is impossible, nothing's original these days. The dawn of originality is done as far as MUDs are concerned. I'm doing my best though in coming up with new ideas to set us apart. At one point last semester I had 50 characters each on a different MUD and was asking polling players on what they liked best about this MUD. On the whole, it was a good idea, but generally confusing. Each MUD has different features, one of them being player killing (pk'ing) and some MUDs are have it restricted and others do not. Most of the responses I got were in the form of: Player killing rocks or I wish it wasn't restricted; things like that.

All in all, Seasons of Almadyn is going to be the most original MUD around as far as I'm concerned. I ain't trying to advertise or anything, but you've read this far so I might as well finish my thoughts and plugs. It's my home, and if MUDding interests you, or even if it doesn't, you should take some free time of yours and just log in and meet the crew. It's the perfect place to make friends. It's like a live forum with optional role-playing and battle. What more could you ask for in a game? And it's free.. simply stunning to me. *sigh* I wish I could stop time and simply make the MUD "go". I wish I could think it and it'd be done just the way all the admin and hiwiz would compromise it to be. Then, it'd be perfect, and bug free. I love my home, Seasons is my home, it will always be 'til the day I die.

Maybe I'll see you there someday.. Peace be with you.

Grey (3:30 AM)

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