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Friday, December 06, 2002

Bleh. Just bleh. For the past two days my acid's been acting up BADLY. My esophagus has been burned like hell but the prevacid has been helping a lot. On a good note, it snowed like mad yesterday and I enjoyed it. I made sure to remind all my friends not to eat yellow snow. I guess all that snowman jazzing paid off! In light of the snow, I perform a little snow jig everytime I go outside. I love snow, it's just so awesome.

Stuff on the MUD has been going wel it seems. Kaa and I finished up death penalty balance for the most part. We got stuck on how exactly to penalize spill (skill & spell) loss upon being revive due to us not having any idea how much spills will cost to max. But, we did finish up on the exp loss and stat loss formulas and %'s. Last night we tackled guild balance. Seems tough, but Kaa's done it once so that helps. I feel It's gonna be a long night..

I guess I'll do some studying. I wish I could say "more studying" but I haven't started yet and it's 5:15 already. I'm falling behind, but I know it's because I'm under the weather. I can't wait to be done with school and see my friends again. Please note I did not say "I can't wait until I go home." Thank you. Maybe I'll post again later..

Grey (5:17 PM)

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