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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Shit.. so much has happened since my last entry! But you can prolly click Blythe's blog link on the left to find out most of it. I'll tell ya all the stuff that happened while she was doing her stuff and was in the background/waiting for her, etc etc. Oh, and I'll note the christmas gifts.

Gifts: 1 really cool looking gothic-gargoyle-nesly-awesome mobile bookshelf ma-bobber. Yeah, that's the only way to describe it.
3 kickass pairs of pants
2 hooded/pullover sweatshirts (very shiek)
0 pairs of new "kicks" (for the homies out there)
1 sweet-looking watch I'll prolly never wear
1 Vandal Hearts II (Xerlic and Blythe were pretty sly with this gift! very cool, awesome gift)
1 Metal ash-tray kinda looking thing with a lid, to put stuff in I guess.. jewelry perhaps? (none of which I own)
1 Black kitty plush, Trigun-style
1(+47) Uber-smooch(es) from Blythe
3 Triple-pounds (hell-yeah!) from Xerlic, Glenngay, and Gregorius Maximus respectively
500 george washingtons, paper format for easy wallet access
1 new wallet (muchas gracias abuela Delia pero porque no tiene internet access, no va a leer este blog [sucks for her in other words] )
And that's the end of the gifts I guess. Now for everything else.
Mom got mad at me for no reason.
I need a new cell fone.
Waited an hour while Boobula Blythe Rue (BBR) got breast exam/Gynecologist checkup at the OBGYN office.
Got schooled in GGX by Xerlic a bit, had crazy-fun though (strangely)
Considering ways to spend money.
Pondering what BBR has planned for later today (her birthday).
Chatting with Casey in meantime of previous.
Sitting on ass, dunno what else to type, but if i remember or want to add, i'll post again later. Need sleep. niterz!


Grey (4:09 AM)

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