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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

So I woke this morning (afternoon for all your "normal" folk) at 1:27pm or so. I felt like I had a sore throat. This would only seem rational considering Jellybean Yan had a cold all last week and then handed it to Glenn somehow (I don't ask for details, I don't wanna know). Well, I decided that there was only one way to deal with this; take some cough medicine, wait awhile, then rinse and brush my teeth. I assumed this would get rid of the germs or pain and whatnot and I was satisfied with the outcome of my morning routine. BUT, I do have some input on this. Listerine should have a warning label for all those kids who think that rinsing for longer than directed is "cool" or something you can "impress" your friends with. Let me tell you, it's not worth it. Take it from me. I've decided that I'm going to email the people who make Listerine and tell them to add a warning label, written in big bold and red lettering. It will go a little something like this:

Use Listerine as recommended. DO NOT rinse for more or less than 30 seconds. Rinsing longer may cause severe disorientation and loss of immediate memory. Other side effects include: gagging, forgetting where you are and/or your real name, death of trillions of sperm, lockjaw, more gagging, stiffness of neck, corrosion of tooth enamel, and quite possibly even death.

Now I guess all you ladies are probably saying to yourself: death of sperm? well, I guess I'm off the hook this time! Alas, you are wrong. Females should replace that line with the following: loss of ability to have children.

On the bright side, if you're seeking never to have children anyway, then it's not such a big deal. I guess in this case Listerine is like birth control..

But in other news: Got a B in philosophy, was hoping for a B+ but I can deal. Got a C+ in abnormal psych, which was gay, I was .18 points from receiving a B- instead. I know I should've done that extra credit assignment. Bleh. Oh well. So that C+ brought my GPA down a bit thus far. I think I'll have a 2.6 or so this semester, which isn't _so_bad, but I was really siming for a 2.8, which might've been a bit more reasonably obtain if I had gotten a B- in abnormal instead. But, I'll admit, what I receive in the end is the fruit of my labour, a direct outcome of my combined work. I did a lot more work this semester than the previous two, but my classes were also much harder and only two of them use the magic bell curve grading system. I still await my grade in statistics. I'm shooting for a C/C+ and I will be fairly disappointed if I receive a C-. I actually know how to do statistics quite well for having the math skills of a 30 year old woman who never finished high school. I guess I'll have to be more patient next semester and keep up on top of my work a bit more.

It's funny though. I really didn't do much more than school this semester. I never finished Grandia II (although that is self-explanatory 20min into the game). I didn't even have my PS2 hooked up actually. I played PD like 3 times I can recall with Mike18. I didn't code any areas or start a new one until last week. I was fairly inactive on the MUD as a whole. I have loads of course packets and such printed out staring at me daily and I'd say in a given week I studied probably 3-4 hours for each subject. I only partied once right after second exams. I didn't really keep true to GT Chicken Night either due to business (I apologize to the GT Gods for this, I await a request of penance). Heck, I didn't even sleep in more than 2-3 times a month and I was really good about going to lectures.

Jellybean Yan (JY) says it's probably my study habits though, that perhaps I should study in groups (but I hate people..) or I should study in a different manner. I took him up on that at once point and I began to use note cards. This drastically increased the output of studying, but for something like statistics, you can't really write up note cards but for definitions which aren't something we're testing on, you just sort of know them or you're screwed.

Well, I can't complain, no point to it. I'll probably have all my grades this time next week. I'll probably even be a very happy camper if I can pull a B in bio. Here's what I am going to estimate my grades at:

ABNORMAL PSYCH: C+ (got it alreay)
PHI: B (got it already)
BIO: C+/B-

Alright, I guess I'll check in next week (suprised you made it this far) and let you know what the results were and maybe even a GPA score.. *blehs*

Grey (3:49 PM)

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