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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Today was an interesting day. I sat in front of my computer for about 9 hours of the 10 I've been awake thus far, leaving it only to roll around to other parts of the room (hooray for rolly-chair laziness!! *whee*) to grab books and other miscellaneous clutter off the ground such as pens and pencils. I did a whole lotta MUD-related work though, and it was fun. Zeta, Cirden, Dynard, Alarielle, and I were all pretty busy doing respective jobs and I felt like a lot got done today. Ya know, aside from being with my special someone, the only time I am really happy is when I am logged on Seasons (link on the left) and I feel that sense of community there. I love getting work done and I feel that I am really coming around in my abilities. I learned arrays and I understand them pretty well I think, but I haven't really had the chance to put the knowledge to the test. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

I also got a lot of school work done. I converted 15 pages of notes onto 5 index cards packed with happy-smacky abnormal pschology goodness (please don't smack on the cahds, thanks you ~The Management). So my work in that class is pretty much done for the semester. Also, I studied a bit for my not-so-happy-smacky psych class and did my bio paper and stats HW. After all this, I decided to order some campus delivery chinese food.

While waiting for said chinese food to arrive, Andrea came online (yay!) and we chatted on cam for a bit before she had to go to sleep. It's good talking to old friends I guess, especially cool ones who can really argue a point and fuel a dull conversation into something worth talking about. Brad's like that too, Glenn, not so much. As for Eileen, there's always something to talk about with her ..heh. Well, chinese food got here and I eat and Glenn went to the gym and he's bitching about pain in his arms or something. Anyhow, nothing more to say about today, it was a decent day for sitting around and doing mostly nothing. I think I'll go bother Bradford now..

Grey (11:10 PM)

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