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Monday, December 02, 2002

Well, after much debating (like 27 seconds worth), I've created a friggin' blog. Thank you Brad, thank you Eileen (*smooch*). Sorry Brad, you don't get a smooch. Anyhow, Glenn is sleeping and I really dunno what to write, so I guess I'll just talk about my holiday like everyone else did. Alright, I'll make the format simple so you can just jump to whichever day you friggin' feel like:

Tuesday was simply jaws. I had to wait a few hours for Eileen to come home but once she did, it was all good. I picked her up and we went back to my house. Conveniently, it started to snow and I didn't have to drive her home so we got a snuggle for a few hours. It was great! We watched Monster, Inc. and the extended version of Lotr: the fellowship of the ring. The next morning she was still there! simply stunning..

Ah yes.. wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. Well, we'll just skip to the important parts I guess. In the afternoon, I picked up Bradford and visited the stupid EZ pass center to pay some stupid bill cuz i get stuck with stupid errands on my stupid holidays. We chilled at the mall, had some lunch, window shopped a bit. We had a helluva time finding a friggin' ATM macheen that actually had money in it AND read credit cards at the same time. Anywho, that night Eileen and I went to her grandma's for din din. It was yummy and such, as usual. She came back to my place, but her mom had to pick her up at midnight. Oh well. I slept alone *sigh*.

Today it was turkey holocaust. People everywhere were cookin' turkeys. Such a sad day.. Either way, I hate turkey. That afternoon, I was invited to Brad's place for an early meal. Well, I got stuck sitting next to her so she screamed my ear off and kept whacking my shoulder. Eh, I guess it wasn't so bad after all cuz I got to play with AwesomeDog. He's so awesome. He's got an awesome tail, and an awesome grin, and an awesome food dish. I ever got to see the AwesomeSprint, which slowed down into the AwesomeTrot, then proceeding into the AwesomeWalk. Man, I tell ya, it was awesome. Later in the day, I ended up having to go home *mutter* But luckily, Glenn came over for a good meal. That was nice and stuff. I even got to leave my house and go to Glenn's to spend the night. That relieved some stress for surely.

It seemed like it'd be a good day, and it definitly was, with some exception bleeding into saturday. Anyhow, here goes nothin'. So I woke in Glenn's basement, quite warm actually, I was glad about that. It was roughly noon. I head out to Eileen's. The plan was to see a movie at 1:50. Well, her mom, Eileen, Melissa, and I got into mah car and drove to New City's Clearview Cinemas. They were sold out, what do you expect the day after turkey day though right? Anyhow, her mom treated us to chinese food, that was jaws and Eileen got a make herself seem strange in the eyes of her very ditzy mother. That night, we went to Glenn's house. Mishelee even joined us and we didn't get mad at eachother.. also, simply stunning. We sat and had a nice big meal. Brad, acting as the Butter Nazi, veto'd nearly ever vote to pass the butter. Either way, we all got buttah on our biscuits and it was a buttery good time. I was a bunneh for that meal. Afterwards, we all headed downstairs and played some GGX. Brad wiped us all mostly and I got to whack Mishelee with a pillow right in the face. That was probably one of the highlights of my day. Next, the inevitable ride back home. I took Eileen with me and Glenn was following behind. We watched Snatch. Damn funny movie, i recommened it. Then, I drove Eileen back home.

SATURDAY (between 12:02am and 6:28am)
This day requires a time line, Kubrick's The Killing style, so here it is:
12:02am: drove Eileen home. (this is friday night from above)
2:52 am: arrive back home, see Glenn's alcohol sitting on kitchen counter. snatch it up in bag, place in room.
3:12am: visit mother's room. she is upset, playing wounded soul, feeling like bad mother for wrong reasons.
3:50am: IM'd eileen, told her story.
3:53am: called Glenn, told him story.
4:03am: ended conversation with Glennard.
4:07am: worried about parental repercussion, anticipating talk on underage drinking and similar jazz.
4:22am: called Glenn-dog back, chatted.
4:48am: ended conversation with Glenn-san.
5:37am: lie awake in bed deciding whether to pack things (Eileen included, batteries not) and head for border (Not Taco Hell)
6:13am: stare at clock, hearing strange sounds, attribute them to sleep deprivation induced delusions.
6:13m49s: think wall had started to change shape and is laughing at me.
6:28am: last time i remember looking at clock and hearing walls laugh before passing out.

SATURDAY (after 6:28am)
Well, I woke up remembering that I had promised Eileen to dinner that night. I decided to pack up all my things in the car and attempt to avoid seeing my mother. Well, I saw her call pull out of the driveway so i grabbed everything, sprinted for the door and drove away from the house. I arrived at Eileen at 2pm sharp. We watched some TV for awhile with AuntieJuu and Melissa. Around 5:30, we headed out to the outback, got a reservation. We were seated by about 6:02pm and we ordered as much food as we could possibly eat, and thensome (Come to think of it.. it's still in Glenn's car right now..). As we left the place, I checked my cell fone and saw the time was 7:47pm and was wondering why my mom had never called, but I thought too soon! New voice mail messages awaited me. So, I listened to em. My mom had left one 40 minutes earlier. She wanted me to come home at a decent hour for a 'talk'. I knew this would the last night with my hunneh, so I called her back and told her I'd be home around ten. Eileen and I watched the Taxi Marathon for 2h, it was funny, we laughed. AuntieJuu was there too, but she fell asleep hehe. Glenn arrive at Eileen around 9:20pm. The plan was to go home, get my talk, and get outta there as fast as possible. I would be sleeping over at his house that night so we could leave early Sunday morning. I heard the talk, and we left. I was relieved to finally be away from home again, I really can't stand living there sometimes. That night I slept well and the next morning we headed to McDonalids for a nice greasy breakfast before heading back to Stony Brook.

Well, I'm here at school. We arrived at 11am or so, and I took a 'nap' until 6pm whereafter I went out to dinner with B-Boy Danny Yan. I tutored a bit on the mud, added another random welcome screen and wrote a bit more of the wizard's handbook. Right not though, it's time for bed cuz the weekend's over.. it's friggin' Monday *sigh* I have class in less than 4hours.. damn it. Oh well. Goodnight Blog.

Grey (4:42 AM)

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