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Sunday, December 08, 2002

*yawn* Wow, it's Sunday already.. jeebus price! Where did the weekend go.. Oh yeah, I remember.. It all started on Friday..

It had been a snowy day on thursday, I woke up around noon or so. I had missed my only class today.. dammit, I really should've gone, but no use crying over it now. So I hit the books for about 2 hours. Glenn was not around, no idea where he had been. As I daydreamed a in front of that psych text, the cell rang. Lo and behold, it was Glenn-san. I got dressed and met him, Casey, and Dan for lunch over at the Bleacher Club. The food was was great (not greyt though). I wasn't feeling to well afterwards though, had to pop a prev and some motrin to keep my esophagus from melting once I returned to my room. That night, Mike has stopped by, wanted to know if we could hang tonight. I said 'sure', and he came and went for the next few hours until around midnight he brought over some juice and such. Kristin stopped by, and Greg came along too. We had some interesting conversations and I was elightened by some facts-about-ninjas I had never known! (Along with a the added bonus of hearing the world's coolest song!). If you like ninjas and want to know tons about them, you should definitly go here-> Believe me, you _won't_ be disappointed, but make sure you have a sense of humour first. Well, everyone left at around 4am, when I was able to shake Kristin awake so I could sleep in my damn bed. Then, Glenn came home around a half hour later or so. He made chili and we eat, thus delaying my beauty sleep.

Saturday proved to be a pretty-much worthless day. I completed a bio paper and my stats lab though, both worthless to me anyhow. I remember waking up around 3 or 4.. I can't remember, and Kaa was on the MUD. We had a balance meeting...a hellish one; guild balancing is rough. Kreios stopped by thankfully and he and Kaa got a lot of work done whilst I continued studying. Later that night, I was itching for food.. hadn't had _anything_ to eat all day so I gave Glenn a ring and he came back home and he drove Mike and I to Kelly for some late-night snacking. I bought a sammich.. which reminds me, half of it is still sitting in the fridge (MMmmm....) so I guess I'll eat it now. Nothing fun happened today, so that's why I feel it was really worthless.

And now it's Sunday, I woke up about 2hours ago with the intent of getting some work done. I check my mud todo list but seems I have done all that already for the most part so I guess it's time to hit the books again, I have a few more psych sheets to fill out for studying.. friggin' finals are right around the corner. I just wanna hang with Bradford again, those times are always fun, especially bathroom chats.

Well, I'll be be home *cringe* in a about 11 days. I'm gonna try to do my best on these last few tests, but I know I won't. I'm a horrid test-taker and it's gonna keep me down all my life as far as education goes. I think I'm in the wrong major, I should've done Computer Science or something *sigh*. Should I switch? I mean, I love psychology, but I just don't know if I want to be doing for the rest of my life, and the pay is always gonna such big time anyway. I'd like to be a doctor (I'd get a cool license plate with some letters on it) but what does it all mean? I won't be furthering my knowledge of anything. Curse me for wanting to "cure" other people, it's not gonna happen, psychology is such a bullshit major, and it's extremely difficult here at Stony Brook. Maybe I'll look at a Comp Sci course or something for next semester, would be interesting I suppose. Anyhow, laterz.

Grey (5:54 PM)

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