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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Ah, twas a good weekend ths far. Friday was Valentine's Day. BBR came to visit me. Needless to say, I was quite happy. She baked me a cake and in the icing it said 'Will you go out with me?' Also needless to say, I said 'hell yeah'. So that made my year.

We (Glenn and I) picked up GGX2 and we've been hitting that, replacing our "breather time" with "GGX2 2P vs. mode time" That is also crazy fun.

It wasn't all good though. On friday I was running a MUD workshop but no one showed up for it. About 8 promised they'd be there, but only one of those showed so it was really sucky. I didn't take it personally since it WAS Valentine's Day and it was a Friday. But, oh well. I'm not running anymore workshops until a small group of people need help.

I guess there's not much else to say so I'm gonna go to bed. I have a MUD meeting at 2pm today anyway. 'til next time kids, hang out, be cool, stay in school.


Grey (2:47 AM)

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