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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I had a great time this weekend. Blythe came to visit and we have a lot of fun! In other news, Glenn is dying of the plague, Mike18 is ok from the other night of hard partying, Kristin and I are cool again, I met a new chick named Suj (really cool), and Greg is still a shut-in.

I guess not much changes around here. I do have a lot more reading to do this semester as I am enrolled in three philosophy classes each having absolutely nothing to do with eachother. The class I like the most, 'Existentialism' has some solid literature supporting the lectures. Problem is, the lecture hall sucks. It's in an old recital room in the shape of a box that has horrid acoustics and one small 'flip-and-write' green chalkboard that fits about 5 sentences of notes which then has to be erased for more notes. I don't think I'm going to learn much in that class so today I finished reading Nietzsches "The Gay Science". It is badly structured for a book, for philosophically speaking, it mostly flows together toward the theme of dissecting people's traits and personalities. I wouldn't recommend it for engineers, Muslims, or Roman women.

Not much happens here at Sto Bro, for if there was more activity, I might post here more often. And here you were thinking 'Hey, maybe he doesn't update his blog often because he's so busy.' Well, you're wrong buddy. Anyhow, shout outs to Xerlic, Blythe, Psionimoe, Kaa, and Azhure.


Grey (4:29 PM)

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