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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Whew.. I'm lucky to be outta THAT class!

I was enrolled for an upper-division philosophy class with, who I heard was, the most boring philsophy professor on campus (SOURCE: last semester's phi teacher Mr. Aleks Pj.) Anyhow, I went to the philsophy department today, recalling that I needed to pick up a packet for this class, but when I arrived I decided to go for a different approach, as I was currently taking 19 credits and could afford to dump a class. I greeted the lady at the desk. The conversation went as follows:
Me: "Hello *look at title on door* Mrs. Brewer, I am here to speak with you about possibly removing a class from my schedule. Now I know the last day for add/drop was tuesday but I just arrived back on campus this weekend and don't have internet access from home. I was bed-ridden the whole weekend with a mild case of food poisoning and Dr. Mom.."
Mrs. Brewer: "Oh, your mother is a doctor?"
Me: "Yes, she took good care of me and dropped me back off this morning."
Mrs. Brewer: "You poor thing, so here,.." *hands me a piece of paper* "..put you name and ID on the top and the name of the class and the professor at the bottom."
Me: "Thank you so much."
Mrs. Brewer: "Are you a philosophy major?"
Me: "No, actually I'm pre-med, I want to follow in my mother's footsteps" *fake blush*
Mrs. Brewer: "Aww, that's soo sweet, I'm sure your mother must really love you."
Me: "She does, as long as I get good grades and take care of what I have to, she's _very_ supportive of everything I do. I'm really glad to have her as a mom."
Mrs. Brewer: "You're such a good kid. I wish more of the students who came in here were like you."
Me: *fake blush* "Nah, I'm just doing what I have to do, it's no big deal" *hand back the slip*
Mrs. Brewer: "Thank you *looks at paper* Steven (me: *grr* in head) I'll take care of this right away for you. Feel better."
Me: *fake cough/grunt* "Thank you Mrs. Brewer. I'll try" *fake smile* "Have a nice day!"
Mrs. Brewer: "You too hun"

Now, for all of you people who know me irl, you know that is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever spat out. For those of you who don't know me, ask the people who know me and they'll explain just which parts are crap. (Although it's mostly just all of it. I also recommend checking the archives for a few hints, they might help).

Anyhow, I'm glad now. The breakdown for the week is much more well-rounded now. Here's what it looks like in general:

Monday: 3 class
Tuesday/Thursday: 2 class
Wednesday: 2 classes
Friday: 1 class (over at 2pm)

This weekend I'll be heading home to see Boobula Blythe Rue and the Phrex-Phrex kitty-kitty, and maybe even Mysty Bamboo-Shoots. I also get my new computer this weekend, you know, the one I con'd my mom into purchashing for me on top of the new car I didn't and would never ask for. Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. As much as I hate being spoiled, I take advantage of it as often as I can.

BBR's aunt told me one thing that's always stuck with me:
"Grey, milk your mother for all she's worth while you still can.." but it didn't end.. "So when you marry Blythe, you'll both be better off cuz all her life, she's gotten the short end of the stick." I just sort of nodded, and it didn't take effect right away, but nowadays, with college and all and being away from home, I've come to realize just how inspiration those words have become. I've changed as a person, my friends know that. Right now, I'm how I always wanted to be and I have a lot of fun being this way so today I'm gonna stand up, hold my head high, equip my headphones and headbang while listening to TOOL, ALL the way to class and I don't care who sees me or thinks I'm fuct up because I can do what I want today. And tomorrow. And so can you. Be cool. Toodles

Grey (2:13 PM)

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