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Friday, April 11, 2003

Alright everybody, I've switched back to my old blog layout because it was just that much cooler. I've fixed up the code a bit because i've been doing some reading up on html and it seemed, at least to me, somewhat inefficient. Well, seems somewhat better now although on the whole, i find html a really shitty codebase. I much prefer object-oriented coding.

*sigh* the mud is looking for builders and coders WITH experience. I'm getting sick of aod player s signing up for wizhood saying they know something and then crapping out these terrible areas or concepts that DO have potential to be good but because the mud they play on blows goats, it has absolutely no theme and/or thought put into it. They make a mob and the only thing that makes em different is the level. FUCK THAT. SoA has a billion and one ways to make your mob different. Just with the level prop alone, you can make 1250 different mobs. Beat that. I love my mud and i am getting sick of seeing junk in my face. i don't think i'm gonna hire anyone from there anymore. it seemed that when aod was down for whatever reason, soa was doing better. the welfare of my mud shouldn't rely on the downtime of another. If you're from aod, you need not apply because i am overly frustrated with MOST people's coding ability there. We're NOT newbie friendly, we're EVERYONE friendly. Understand that you snottlings.

Go away AoD, you're a crappy, DEAD Mud.

Grey (8:09 PM)

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