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The Past

Monday, April 28, 2003

So the past few weeks have been interesting.

I'll work my way backwards from now til back when my last entry was made since it's easiest to recall what's happened most recently. I'll try to make this as boring and melodramatic about it all :)

Today is Sunday. We played hockey. My team lost the first game 3-0 and the second 20-13. I scored 4 goals. I was happy. I wrenched my knee too, and had to sit out the second half of the game, but Vhary was nice enough to sub in for me.
Yesterday was saturday. We watched some Eva. Chats with Vhary kept me awake.
Friday was alright; GT Chicken Night was cool, just don't have enough children interested in it anymore, but I won't let it die.
Thursday through Monday I missed Eileen a whole lot (including everyday hereafter until NOW). Vhary comforted me.
*commercial break* Vhary is this really cool chick that lives upstairs. She seems to be a bit odd, but _so_ cool for it. She and I really click and I feel somehow close to her on a plane of understanding. But, we still remain two different people, and that's jaws.
8 days ago was also called Sunday (but not like today.. it was like, a different Sunday. or something.) I got back to school then. yay.. fun. *pfft*

Anyhow, nothing really important happened over Easter Break or whatever the catho-licks call it.

What I have come to realize is that even if you're not looking for someone to understand you, or see eye-to-eye with, there is someone out there you can talk to. I am very pleased to have met Vhary and gotten to know her and it's because she doesn't think I'm someone special (as I have never thought I was), but instead as someone who is just more "free" and open-minded than society in general (bingo?). At least, that's why I think she enjoys my company. I could be totally wrong, but it doesn't matter, she is really cool and I can't wait for Eileen to meet her. I hope they get along!!! Speaking of which, I miss that girl to DeAtH!! I can't wait to go home, even though it means I'll be away from the friends i have made, on ALL levels, this semester.

I have found that lately, I've reverted back to my old thoughts in the ways that words can never express how I am truly feeling nor what i really want to say. I guess what I can say is that, if I never post on this page again, that I want the people who have touched me these past 4 months (yes, even you ButterWench Kristin) that I really do care for them in a special way, especially Suj, and very especially Vhary. Something inside of me tells me that my relationships may change and grow and some may even wither, but at this late (or early, whichever you prefer) hour, I feel that these people need me, not for protection, but for guidance. I am almost forced to face this realization this evening after I had Matt and Vhary take the Keirsey sorter to the left, and both were iNFj (IdIealist:counselour) and so am I. I guess that will bring the 3 of us closer at some point.

I feel this entry was wasted. I just can't seem to say what I want to say. I dunno, maybe I'll just code or something now. I'm so tired. Right now, thoughts and feelings swim through my mind, unchecked and uncared-for. Should I worry? I dunno. I am somewhat confused as to how the semester (grade-wise) will turn out, but I won't fret, what's done is done. I think I'm just love-sick. I love you guys. I love you too honey. See you all again sometime.

Grey (4:42 AM)

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