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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

today seemed like a good day to make another entry.. (besides, I gotta keep up with Xerlic)

This weekend I wasn't feeling myself. All sorts of philosophies were raging (yes, raging) through my head and I felt a lot like I did last semester in terms of wot understanding the world or coming to grips with things I couldn't grasp physically. So I was down. Then Friday, outta nowhere Eileen shows up! That sooooo made my weekend. I was happy for the first time in awhile.

*commercial break* Eileen was really trying to suprise Grey but he noticed certain flaws in her plan since Monday. First, whes asked on two separate ocassions when she was working on Saturday she said 1 to 6 the first time and 1 to 5 the second time. Secondly, she left a voice mail on my celly on Friday saying she'd be at work at 3:30. When I called her there, I was told she wasn't on the schedule today. Third, when calling her house to find out where she was instead, her mother said, "She went to visit Stefen." and "Who is this?" in a half-asleep manner. *shzzt*

Anyhow, it was a great weekend. GT Chicken Night was jaws, as usual. We had 12 celebrators. Eileen brought us some cake (explanation later), three boxes of soda (all gone in two days!), chips 'n salsa and other assorted snack foods.

Sunday was another hockey day and although I am still recuperating from my previous injury, I still played goal for 4 hours. We had a blast. My team won 10 to 8 powered by the fury of Avi, The might bolTON, and Greg "The Yellow Dart" Wille. The lovely Vhary was replaced by TYD the second half of the game.

Avi: You're cute when you're angry.
Vhary: FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Am I cute NOW!?

Grades are looking somewhat decent. Here's some (under)estimates (just to be safe)..

LSE 310: A-
PSY 310: C
PSY 240: B-
PHI 367: B
PHI 247: C+

Why do I always seem to make my blog entry so personal. I dislike these entry's formats. I'd like to be a more interesting writer. I feel I put all the fuel of my imagination into code-form on the MUD though. Maybe someday I'll seem more interesting. Or whatever. I don't care. Toodles.

PS: explanation on the cake - my birthday was May 4.

Grey (1:12 PM)

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