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The Past

Thursday, June 19, 2003

A lot has happened in the past month or so. A friend of mine, Frankie, passed away. He and I went to high school together. While I didn't maintain the best communication with him while in high school or after I graduated (he was 1 grade below me) he still enjoyed my company at a party or hangout. We never really hung out one on one either, but still, for some reasons, human beings feel closer to those we've known even briefly and then lost.

Glenn and I have been preparing his basement room to be converted into an apartment for all to enjoy and him to live in. Yesterday we painted and tonight we might do so again, but I doubt it, I'm really tired at the moment and I realize that tomorrow I have work at Levy park for 7hours starting bright and early at 8am.

In other, less important, news Brad and I played at a GGX2 tourney in Dunellin NJ (yeah.. that MIGHT be how you spell it) at 8 on the Break. Man, their cheesesteaks were 'sooooooo good' (to quote Greg Wille). I placed like really low.. maybe in the bottom 10 or so meanwhile Brad placed a solid 4th.

I got my router a few weeks ago, that made me happy. Today I ordered my red octane joystick. I hope I like it, it seems to be pretty solid for the price and it's very popular (not interested in that though).

Eileen (BBR) bought herself the Tom McFarlane Matrix scene stands of Neo and Trinity from the original movie. They look _very_ jaws if I must comment.

I love Uno. I hate Spanish. And I'm trying this Atkin's diet thing. 12 days strong so far! (and going moderately well).

I don't have much else to say. Toodles.

Grey (7:16 PM)

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