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Monday, July 07, 2003

Seems like Blogger has a new look to it in this here editing screen (sucks you can't see it though heh.) Lots has happened in the past few weeks since i've last posted so i'll try to recap as best i can.

Went to Maximim Barnage. It was a Guilty Gear X2 tourney. I tied for seventh with a few other guys. Xerlic placed 4th.
Glenn, Blythe, and I have been running around trying to finish Glenn's basement for the longest time now. It's about done now and we've been moving furniture into it slowly.
I'm really bored.
The 4th of July sucked but I almost exploded a packet of firecrackers on Glenn's foot.
My mom went on vacation for 5 whole days (whoopee) and she came back earlier than expected (grr..).
I love Blythe.
The redoctane joystick sucked (too lazy to link today). has awesome parts.
Glenn smells.
I rebuilt my joystick.
I'm on 'Atkins' and I've lost ~22 lbs. (also yay)
I'm not very enthusiastic when i say (yay) or (whoppee) or the like.
You probably don't know why you're here, but if you like my blog email me or something.
Class starts today! (not yay) and tomorrow is Summer Sanitarium at Giants Stadium. For any fans out there I'm sitting in Section 222, Row 5, Seats 19-23. Obviously I'm not sitting in all 5 seats. I have friends you know

o . o 0 ( yay )
T <- me

Deep thought eh?

Grey (12:46 PM)

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