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Monday, October 20, 2003

The feeling is not mutual.

Ever wonder what it feels like to have a bad hair day? Maybe you have had one. But what about someone else's bad hair day. Would it seem weird? I think I'm gonna give up on writing again. I'll never get my point(s) across. Even when I don't have one, or any, I still seem to rant about something. I'm becoming bored with life. Again. There's no hope for me anymore. I suppose at some point I really wished for there to be. I believed in it so hard I began to believe in myself too much. Now, I really couldn't care less. I'm going to wake up again tomorrow hoping I didn't wake up.

Forgivness is an option taken and scarred away. Like that scraping tool the dentist uses to get the plaque off your teeth. Ugh. I dislike that so much. Oh fuck it. I'm not gonna write this anymore. It's so pointless.

Grey (11:24 PM)

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