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Sunday, October 19, 2003

New day, new bucks. Everywhere too. Never seen so many friggin' snails.

I often wondered if my mind was ever in line with another's, but then I got bored of it and stopped thinking about that. Keeping robes warm was a more important issue to me.

Last night I had some pretty long conversation with Matt and Joe. Enlightening to some degree, just plain interesting in other senses. To get inside another's head is fantastic - to a point. We all have limits that we know exist, and we assume, from there, that others have some limit to.

Problems are like jellybeans until you nibble on them sensually. Lizardman, silly you. Where did you go? That was stability too. The only thing left is bolTON. He's the most stable thing in my life. I don't like schedules or even people on certain days.

Today Greg assumed I didn't "talk that way" because he'd never had that type of conversation from me. He assumed I was trying to be intellectual - something I never claimed to be. He even called me clever. Ok, fine. But you can never know someone because of the words they share with you. Ideas allow you to generate a better idea, but it's not the same idea they have, not the same mental image of the Jabberwocky, not the same way it's received and interpreted. Nuh uh. Greg, you were not right today. I won't say you were wrong, though.

Joe had work. I could talk about that but he didn't mention anything yet so I'm not in the position to do that and no one wants to read it either! I'm assuming of course. You could find Joe's telemarketing very stimulating or exciting, but I'm just going to generalize that you'd in no way care.

But it doesn't make any sense, it never did. I'll leave it at that. You want philosophy from me? You want knowledge from me? Fuck you. Get your own. I'll say what I please.

Everybody put their hands together for the new blue. I hope you enjoy it. She'll be here all week taking requests. Please remember to tip your waitress.

Grey (7:32 PM)

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