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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Plan is underway..

Tonight, the suites Eisenhower 106 and 214 had a meeting at 10:45. We decided that we were going to try to have one of us break a world record, and possibly make a little money off that if there's a prize of some sort.

What we concluded was that we were going to have Greg AND Fred (two is just sooo much better than one), attempt to break the record for most consecutive hours without sleep. Currently the record is 260 hours, which amounts to 10 day, 20 hours for all you non-mathematical people. We also came to conclusion that we were going to need a large amount of money to sponsor such an event for things like entertainment (video game/movie rentals), caffeine and carb-injected food, and paying for women to shower with him to keep him awake (if it's in the budget, clean, not dirty). So we drew up a nice speadsheet people could print their name on, their room number, their phone number, and their amount or item donated, and their signature of support. If it doesn't go through, we could always just give the money right back to them, and we were going to reassure these people of that since we know everyone here at school is pretty much tight for money.

Well, Gulliver, The Yellow Dart (Greg), Phil (just .. Phil), and I grabbed a box to put food in, one signup sheet for Eisenhower building, two black ink pens, and an envelope for money, and started knocking on doors starting with room 100. We got a pretty good response rate of about 75% and pulled in a cool $11.11 plus a lot of canned food, coffee beans, and sugar-filled candy to feed our participants with. A lot of people really seemed into it. A lot asked questions, gave advice, or commented on the pure stupidity of the idea, but still laffed and even gave something out of the kindness of their Long Island hearts.

Not bad for our first night. For anyone willing to donate money money, you can click the paypal link below or the one on Gulliver's Palace, a site I highly recommend if you like to laf your arse off. We are going to film all of the events that happen and record progress of our participants. Donaters will be entitled to a copy of the tape, possibly, if all goes well. Well, that's my shpliel for tonight.

Anyone who donates will receive an honorable mention should Guiness allow such space for it in their book!
Thanks you the support guys!

Grey (2:27 AM)

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