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Friday, October 10, 2003

wow! it sure has been a very long time (thank Xerlic for pointing that one out, jerk :P)! anyhow, just wanted to check back in with everyone, you know, ALL those people who read this dumb blog. I really have lost an interest in this. I'm still alive and kicking though. I've even started coding again. You can vote for Seasons of Almadyn (my MUD) with a link above.

Last GGX2 tourney i placed 3rd, Xerlic 2nd. Wow, that's the most eventful that's happened in awhile. Haven't been playing ANY GGX2 here at school though. I moved into my new suite and it's awesome. I'm with three of the coolest guys around, and 6 more downstairs we know from last year and/or just met.

Let's see.. I still love Eileen. I am still me all in all. I WAS taking Physics, Bio, Chem, and Calculus all in one semester but I P/NC'd Physics so I'm just gonna forget that class exists at all.

I have a lot of neat toys now. Psyduck is still a big personal favourite. Now I have a REAL frog-hat. I have SCII's Ivy but I'm keeping her in the box forever so she can be my personal love slave when I need her to be. I have Shandris Feathermoon (WC3) sitting next to me; two words - babe-licious (or is that one word? nah, two words, one hyphen I think).

Matt said I'm not as organized as I used to be, but I swear I am!

Oh yeah.. Brad had a party. He got really REALLY drunk and was breaking shit and showing Wolpert what he thought was all this "cool" stuff at the time (ie. breaking ceiling tiles) but Wolpert was too busy beating my ass in smash, so I beat his ass in GGX2, cuz I was in my prime then (Xerlic is SOOO gonna kick my ass next time we play).

What else, what else? well, summer sanutarium rocked. It would've rocked more if someone hadn't gone and someone else HAD, but that's over with now.

I like Coca-Cola.

Eileen still works at GameStop and that's good cuz we all get discounts.

The park job sucked majour ass d00ds. Don't ever work at the park, unless you like/want to have intimate relationships with squirrels. Kill yourself instead. My dad is mostly there.

Otakon was a BLAST! bolTON went too! Eileen and Brad bought all this cool stuff and Glenn bought these gay light-up lighters that Brad made fun of him for. Or something. I dunno.

StefenStock 2k3 wasn't as big a hit as I expected but I hope next year will be!!! bolTON got laid! A canadian no less!!! woo woo!!! (or should I say ewww ewww!! ? Who knows, he's happy.)

Holy shit I typed that all really fast. I'm coding now too. My man Urien and I are working on the first two guilds for Seasons of Almadyn!!! Mage guild and Squire guilds will be in by November I hope! We still need areas. Oh GAWD we need BUILDERS!! *scream*

If I forgot anything else, Xerlic will let me know. I hope.

Toodles guys!

Grey (6:17 AM)

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