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Thursday, October 23, 2003

You know, on Seasons of Almadyn, we do A LOT of MUD work. We're really into it too. Ocassionally, we talk about other things. Like mooseses.. moosi? mooseys.. yeah, whatever.

[gossip]: Grey throws his head back and cackles with glee.
[gossip]: Grey just had a wicked idea.
[gossip] Grey: Lochar, we'll need a lot of balloons.
[gossip] Grey: Troela, we'll need some glue.
[gossip]: Lochar goes 'oh'.
[gossip] Grey: Someone tell Alarielle to grab a deck of playing cahds.
[gossip] Grey: Hanni, you bring post-it notes.
[gossip] Grey: And i'll go grab a large moose.
[gossip] Grey: Then, we'll meet back here and I'll tell you all the plan.
[gossip]: Lochar blows some balloons, red, green and blue.
[gossip] Grey: no no, we're filling those with the glue.
[gossip] Grey: well, the green ones anyway.
[gossip] Lochar: but i havent got the glue yet
[gossip] Grey: Troela takes a long time to do these things, we might have to
exclude him for this little scheme.
[gossip] Troela: hmm. we'll trick the moose into a bush-resembling heap of
green ballons. His antlers will prick the ballons and we'll have a
glue-covered moose. I'm following this far.
[gossip] Grey: yes.. but do you know where the cards come into play?
[gossip]: Grey goes 'bahahahaha'.
[gossip] Troela: i'm thinking that a moose glued with playing cards and an
alarielle will stun ainka long enough for you to get the babies?
[gossip]: Ainka ponders the situation.
[gossip] Grey: dammit.
[gossip] Troela: it's just an old variation on the "Look over yonder, a
monkey" theme
[gossip] Grey: Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but it's a better idea
then the one I had. Glad I thought of it.
[gossip] Troela: how else do you make babies? :)

Grey (11:01 AM)

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