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Sunday, November 09, 2003
-*I've been had!*-

Tonight was extremely eventful. I went to a smashing party and had a joke played on me that I actually FELL for (finally someone got me), and I ended up back here at school very sober.

It all started at 4pm..

Grey got up and went for the shower. Greg was there. Bah!
Matt arrived and reminded me why I got up. The party.
I kicked Greg out of the shower. Naked. My fucking turn you skinny fuck.
I got clean. Greg in awe of my penis. Bastard. Hot sister (grr).
Went downstairs. (this is becoming a lot like a retarded timeline.. Oh well.. ... .. .)
Met Phil. Greg, Matt, and I got in the car.

And we went..

*mid-story break #1*
While in car..
received a call from Troela (in BELGIUM mind you) telling me the MUD was having an emergency. From through his super-thick accent and such, I was only able to decipher:
"You need to go home"
"There's an emergency"
"..can't log in.."
and "I need.. "

So, naturally I started counting down the list of my enemies.
Next, sorted through list for people who MUD.
Next, narrowed down list again to people who can code.
From there, bottle-necked list into people who know code well enough to be able to hack player files. Then, hack them remotely, if necessary.
Threw a 3 names out, (our admin..) and three names spewed from the machine.
Hacked one name to pieces out of pure insanity.
Thought about the other two. Figured one. Didn't want to admit who to me. Took many guilty factors into account. Took many innocent factors into account. Determined previous factors outweighed latter factors.
Got really pissed off. Started calling friends to acquire weapons to hurt others with. Or just one other.

Anyhow.. In the real world I was pretty PO'd. Someone had hacked Seasons of Almadyn. MY MUD. *shiver up spine* OoOoO!! They were in for it. Nobody fucks with my shit. Not THAT shit. Fuck with my family - ok. Fuck with my MUD, the LAST thing precious to me, and YOU WILL PAY.
Anywho.. I was pretty upset. I didn't plan on death or anything. I'm not that kind of person. It did make me realize just how passionate I could be about something I love a lot. It's the only one left. It has the rest of my love; whatever's left over after love for myself and few others.
*end mid-story break #1*

Arrived. Mad people. Few girls. Bleh.
Drank beer. Watched Beer Pong (so Americana..). It even got capitalised outta respect.
Fun. Fun. More fun.
He was there, I swear.
(No.. I don't do drugs. Stop reading my blog. Jesus.. can't you people take a joke [suckers])
Party went on.
Pat got violent and took some swings at Matt and Phil for no apparent reason other than that they were able to stand and was maybe a bit jealous. Oh what fun times were had.
We had chinese food at some point, thus interrupting my very strict diet. Oh well. Start again tomorrow, it was a good long run.

And we left the party..
Loaded back in Phil's car, we drove off to Stony Brook.
We got lost somewhere out on Fire Island. Go Phil.

*mid-story break #2!*
Canadia called. Drunk Bunneh. "Alright", I thought. It would pass. Aballister said the MUD emergency was STILL in effect (this, like 5 hours later). "Well", I thought. He said Troela had been naked and locked out totally. "Fuck", I thought. That was about all I thought at that point. Then, I thought again. Many ways to perhaps fixed a "feature" like this, none of which I knew because I didn't know what the damn problem WAS to begin with and I suck at those things. So I said, "Screw it". I'd wait til me got home.
Canadia was on the phone still. It got cut-out in my time of thinking. No bother.
*end mid-story break #2*

Hit the LIE, we did, at some point.
We arrived back at Stony Brook, unscathed, very well traveled, and me somewhat still upset.

Walking back up to my room I was a bit worried with what I might have to face being back to my computer and possible a non-existent MUD (having assumed the worst). Well my char had been disconnected at some point for no reason, that worried me. But I logged back in just fine to scroll up and read the backlog of everyone on the MUD telling me that I'd been had. Those bastards. All that worrying (and all that damn liquor *pfftt*) just to find out it was all a practical joke. Well, good one all. My hats off to you. No one has ever pulled a better one over my eyes. My true friends, those involved surely know that this place, my MUD, is my new heart and soul, and that it will forever be until someone comes along and steals a bit of the SoA fuel. I won't ever forget them for what they've done, and someday, I may even meet them all and get back at them in very strange and awkward ways. In any event, it was a REAL experience, something that actually got me excited, worried, thinking (!!!), and emotional. It was _very_ cool and again, I can only tip my hat to my roasters on this one.

I was HAD! and it was awesome. Thanks to everyone for a very memorable night.
It was a fucking REAL Human Experience. So.. different.

Grey (4:27 AM)

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