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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Alrighty! As promised I will get this show on the road then. I was a bit busy catching up with all the work I never did yesterday, and still haven't done so now I will bring you the boring what-I-did-this-weekend post!!! (This post is gonna suck, I just woke up). It must be written before ze Germans get 'ere.

Time activated
Thursday: What a long-ass car ride. With The Unclean One no less. Anyhow, we played some cell fone Family Feud (ghetto) and talked about a lot of things. We passed many towns, some familiar by name, some not and it was all very entertaining. Gulliver went with us so allowing me to supress my urge to strangle Butter Wench til she died from it. When we arrived in Rochester, we droppei G off and I headed down to Butter Wench's house to devise a plan to get away from her. Well, Sauce (some other guy) drove me to IHOP on some main road where Xerlic picked me up (yay!). Now I felt a bit more comfortable. We headed back to UoR and I got see Spock, but best of all, Wolpert!!!!! I even got to stay in his room and observe how the wild Wolpert lives! It was really awesome. I got to go to a Wegman's, Jay's Diner for some greasy food, and Krispy Kreme Dog-nuts where we got 4 free samples. Oh the power of chee.. questioning. At Wegman's, spock got these little bitch soda that totally weren't worth the price and got 2/3 the soda Xerlic got for 25% more money. Makes no sense to me, but Rochester in general doesn't and I think it affects your brain in certain ways.

Friday: Woke up, still in Wolpert's room (thank someone). At about noon I figure, Xerlic showed up with Pete (ey Pete). Some discussion took place leading to Pete simulating a whipping session between Wolpert and his g/f (scarily accurate). Anyhow, we got lunch at this Japaneses place. MmM was it yummy. Anyhow, I got too see the campus too, it was really gorgeous, and at night a lot of stars were visible! It was so fun! Wolpert went home on Friday, which sucked cuz I didn't really get to make fun of him too much, but eh, there was always Spock and his bitch-can sodas. We went to BK for dinner1 with Spock and I ended up making money back somehow when I paid for my food. Odd NTB DN's in the Roch. We also went to Wilson's and I got to play some Guilty Gear with a few guys I'd never met. I held my own, so I was at least satisfied. Afterwards, we were hungry so we hit up a nearby Taco Bell and took that back home with us and ate in the lounge. Xerlic and I had some fun talking and shit in his room that night, it was really cool to be chilling with him one-on-one again. I took a shower and crashed on his floor. All in all, a greyt day.

Saturday: I woke about 2pm. Wow I had slept a lot. Called up Urien. I spent the day at his place. We didn't go anywhere or anything but we talked about all sorts of cool shit that we're gonna do and have planned and all that for the MUD and our futures. This was my wind-down day. I enjoyed every minute of it and I was, I think, happy for the first time in awhile, genuinely happy. I said a lot of things I've been meaning to talk about to put things in pespective and heard a lot of stories from places I've been too and left and projects I never completed. It was really a lot of fun, honestly. He lived in the ghetto of Rochester which really added flavour to the day. I'd now seen Suburbia, Campus life, Off-campus life, parts of the city, AND the ghetto. Matt picked me up around 2am from Urien's place on Sunday.

Sunday: Well, in Greyland, technically, it's still Saturday, but I'll make Sunday's section a bit bigger by sticking to a proper timeline. We went to Denny's!!! AWWWW SHIIITTTt!!! Yeah, so I got some buffalo chicken tenders and a cheddar bacon cheeseburger. MmM I was so filled with food after that I wanted to hurl. Afterwards, we headed back to Matt's place, I got to shower again (my towel reeked from being wet and in my bag for a whole day, so that sucked), and I fell promptly asleep on a very cushy futon. It was really fun. Woke up 10h later, or so, to head over to "her" place to get going for the ride. We headed out around 2:30pm or so. The usual happened - "she" made a big deal about money situation (I was poor), and having stopped at Wendy's, she consumed a whole diet coke early in our journey and bitched about having to pee for most of the remainder of the ride. Oh joy. Well, a fitting end to a good weekend. I was very happy this weekend. I think I will be travelling a lot more.

What the future holds!
Tomorrow the gang and I are going to see Matrix Revolutions!
This weekend Greg and I are going to the Planetarium!
Someday I'll figure out what the fuck I'm doing. Awesome!

I'd like to take a moment to thank all the people who's lives I interrupted this weekend, especially Brad who didn't pick up a single text book to study and picked me up unexpectedly from IHOP, found me a place to stay two night, and drove me into the ghetto. Thank a shitload man, I owe you more than one.
Also, thank you Kristen for putting up with me both in the car ride and on the way home although I know you're not reading this nor should you be because it will make you mad at me. You're still a friend, I don't hate you because I can't hate anyone.
Thanks to Dave who put me at a computer for 12h, where I fel t very comfortable, surrounded by cute animals, you fed my pepsi and pizza that I never expected and were able to keep the fire of conversation lit. Man, it was real, be cool.
I'd also like to thank Matt for letting me shower!! Oh god yes! And picking me up and taking me to Denny's when I was in dire need of more food, and for giving me a place to stay in his own house. This Dirty Cuban thanks you.

Alright all, you know where the hate mail goes. Toodles!

Grey (5:12 PM)

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