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Friday, November 21, 2003
-*Stoned Test Bunny*-

The night feels fuzzy wuzzy. I shouldn't be typing at this hour. I should be playing Final Fantasy XI. I guess I should point out that for the next 25 or so days I'm basically neglecting the MUD to play some stupid MMORPG that has two words of total marketing genius poured into it. I won't neglect long. The nights of Final Fantasy are not as enjoyable as the first night of learning. Now I've soaked some info in and it isn't what I thought it would be. It's really a pure hack & slash game with a fancy name. Anyhow, that's boring to talk about.

I'm talking to Bun Bun right now. She's cool. It was cool meeting her. Don't know why I'm mentioning that.

I'm sleepy but not tired. I'm awake and unbending. I want to code the things I'm thinking about right now but I know I won't remember them later when I am really going to want to remember them. It sucks thought because I don't have the will to write them down at the moment either.

Last night was sooo lame. I didn't mean to write more o's, it's just how it sort of happened.

I hate leet-speak or however you spell it. Speak fucking ENGLISH or don't speak at all, jeez. I don't follow trends. I'm sorry if it doesn't make me 'cool' or 'in', I really couldn't give a fuck about being in any "in-crowd" or being a role-model or trend-setter. Bah to that bullshit I say. I'm not going to be a follower - it isn't in me; it's not my nature. I'm gonna stop this rant now. I like hyphens.

My head is failing to properly self-balance itself on the muscle and bones it has been given. My head feels stuck to one shoulder with glue or sticky puddy. I don't get it anymore. Why am I so bad because I enjoy thinking about being in the clouds. I don't care whether I'm living on the streets or in a mansion so long as I am as happy and content as I can be at that point in time. I hate my life; I love my life. Semi-colons are a misplaced friendship.

If I could somewhere right now,
I forgot what I'd want to choose.
I'd fly away on wings or something,
and seek it out from midnight to noon.

I am full of life and devoid of energy right now.
(I am taking forever to strike a single key currently.) <- bad subtext
I await the cold winds at dawn.
You pulled me from a freezing cold.

Yar, yar to the pirates of old,
yar, yar to the new.
One things you've gotta know on 'dis ship
is how to pour the brew.

Har. I've washed myself up on a beach tonight. It feels nice and cool. I'm warm inside for whatever reason even though I know I should be cold. Maybe it's the drugs that make me feel woozy and maybe it's the fame of it all. In feeling less important, I feel imporant. Explanation:

-1 * -1 = 1

I'd say the worse off you are, the better you just might become. I proved it. I'm out for tonight.
you didn't know I enjoyed so much.

Grey (2:26 AM)

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