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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
-*Predicate Etiquette*-

Reality plays games with real life. Maybe I'm just too simplistic to decipher tho puzzles placed before me. Once, I tried to make sense of the non-sensical and gave up all the answers for a nickel.

A cut above the rest, the worst is yet to come.
A renewed hope has shot me out into a space of entities made purely of confusion, numbered fiends, grass-growing hippies, and bodies of beings melted into small bits, representing the best of themselves.

What I have discovered lately outweighs that which I have lost, in my own head. The renewed hope is rooting for the future contained subtly in each passing day, woven into the fibers that carry time and decay.

So I sit with lemon-lime powerade and ponder what I will find tomorrow. Errors on the page. They stand for all which makes the blogger holy. If I took a walk heading west, I'd only return coming in from the east. If I take the path I chose tonight, I will end up on the flip-side of a hectic morning and a candy-apple day.

10s and twenties surround the peas that leave me here alone. Bunching together, huddling about in their pod, outcasting me because of something I have done. They are angst, hate, bother, and regret. But have I been? I threw them away. Their banding will get them nowhere.

I'll retire the mace for tonight. Perhaps I just need a pick-me-up. Level 15 in FFXI now. It's getting really boring :(

See you all next time for a followup episode on how to use proper sentence structure.

Grey (5:51 PM)

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