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Monday, January 19, 2004

Disclaimer: The following post depicts violence involving cartoon-like characters in a fantasy setting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Edited for content
Juele: 'I love you pepsi'
Grey says: but you...!
Juele: like simpsons
Grey says: YOU!!!!!
Juele: pepsi
Grey says: you have just committed the WORST CRIME KNOWN TO MAN!!!! YOU SAID YOU LIKE PEPSI!!!!
Juele: I was quoting Homer Simpson
Grey says: I'm sorry Stacy, this just isn't going to work out between you and I. I mean, look, you're a pepsi-lover, and me, well, I'm a coke-lover. and in this world, if there is any two things that cannot peacefully co-exist, it's such a union.
Juele: no silly, it was quote
Grey says: No no, now don't try to play it off as some cheap joke. I've read you thoughts sometimes. Sometimes you think about how much you would just LOVE to have a nice, tall glass of pepsi on the rocks. It's disgusting. I'm telling you, I won't stand for it! Repent now sinner! REPENTTTTT!!
Juele: lol
Juele: *poke*
Grey says: I know you can't hear me but i'm yelling REPENT!!!
Grey says: okie dokie there. sugar wore off
Juele: i don't drink pepsi silly, I drink root beer
Juele: and beer
Juele: and vodka
Grey says: i'm watching you


Jeebus. Of all the things in the world! Why? Why the purple elephants God?! WHY?!?

Grey (9:49 PM)

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