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The Past

Friday, January 09, 2004
-*Komodo heat*-

Ah, the days of new have arrived.

I have basked in the darkness.
I have seen the purple rain.

I think I understand what I have been doing these past few days. Addictions and queries have sent me back in time to make a realization concerning the dogs and the mice. She feeds them! OMG!

Anyhow, I have made progress in the areas I have found most profound. I am going to begin my work upon the piece of my mind and find new and better ways to describe the feelings of the un-existable non-existent.

The world is now not an oyster but a many-sided die of randomness and painstaking f'ugliness. The opening takes its chances and feels the fortune of the masses unwilling to pay the prices of labour. Deal with it.

Days of old are swept away.
A new key now is here to stay.

I will hop into something new and stay right where I am. I have found that that which is wanting has wanted me as well. I will try to re-form the pieces of the shadowed heart and lean forward to feel the rush. Extend my hand first, I will. Reach out my heart, next I will.

I am becoming less satisfied with the real. I am more interested in my dreams. Lately, I have found that staying awake until the point of collapsing offers me the very best dreams I can have. The feelings I have while sleeping are amazing coupled with the meditation beforehand that become so easy yet difficult. The hallucinations, the colours and the shapes, the pictures in my mind, and the feelings in my body are that I wish I could record and re-examine.

If only it were better days for reds and greens and grays.

I hope all I know and whom I know has been safe this day to point. Wishes are fleeting so have the best time of your lives. Yes, even you.

Take my love and make it clear
to me that you're the one for me.
Drown my fear and turn it black.
So un-done I might forget.

Grey (5:02 PM)

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