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Saturday, January 24, 2004
-*Land upon the apples of truth*-

I moved back into the university on Friday afternoon and saw Matt off as well. He packed up and left.
I shook his hand.
I had a heart-felt moment that I might never see him knowing Matt's.. flakiness (pardon my lack of good wording). But I am sure with Joe and Phil still around, oh and let's not forget Rob, that Matt will indeed be back for Whitey Does Stony Brook: The Sequel, at some point.

I spent the earlier part of the afternoon from noon to 3 unpacking, taking a shower, moving shit around and being really sleepy. Sujy came over at around 3 and we went out to book store so she could spend gob-loads of money on books. Then went back to the campus bookstore and checked out other stuff there. We went to lunch at her parent's restaurant and chilled in my dorm eating some of the 22 some-odd fortune cookies freshly pilfered from afore-named eatery. We sure did have a lot of fortune that day. She headed out, sleepy, around 11. I went to bed shortly thereafter, bush-whacked from a day of unpacking and chinese food.

This morning I woke at 8:30 promptly to go to my all-day aca(pan-)demic advising workshop. It was fun, in some ways. I met some people, chatted very little, exchanged a few ideas with old people, and even learned some ways to better manage my time and improve my study skills. Anyhow, that lasted from 9:25 to about 5pm. I returned to my dorm and vacuumed the whole place while the RA was talking to me. It was quite a riot because she took my nodding as some sort of approval or understanding of what she was saying. I, in fact, probably heard about 20% or less of what she said. Shiny is so silly. I'm convinced the reason I did so poorly last semester was because of my fixation and lusting for her sexy body and dark hair. Not a chance. I told her that too and she looked at me like I was sexually harassing her. Then she smiled, slapped my arm and told me to go away. I told her, on the contrary, you're in MY suite, so why don't you leave - I mean, you live RIGHT ACROSS the hall babe.
Disclaimer: Grey is an asshole, but he's not harasser. I love Shiny. In the butt. Constantly. Eww.. nah, dude. That's such a sickening thought. She's short and has sharp teeth!

Tonight I'm headed to Pathmark with Sujy. She seems to be in need of some comforting after a long day with Chris and I get to be the shoulder. No problems, not the first time and certainly not the first girl. One day she'll move on, but it will take some time.

I wonder if anyone else is moving in tonight.


So yeah, I wonder if ANYONE is moving in tonight...

Jibbery-jabby. My froggy's all flabby.
Sear the night,
pies galore!
If only I had a pizza,
Glenn would want some more.

Toodles ninjas.

Grey (7:18 PM)

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