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Saturday, January 31, 2004
-*Post-haste climhazzardous material*-

I have grown up a rational man and submitted my life as an entry in every post I have ever made here. The wheels of the mind are becoming rusty, but are kept well-oiled. I take the time to piece the puzzle together on most days, yet on others, I remove the mice.

A sense of morality and desire guides me through my current endeavorous pursuit of non-fame and glory day'd mayhem pandemonious headstrong life-like realism, only to be a symbolic overture of sight, sound, and your everyday smell of fear. Perhaps I am taking it all too literally and it's really just Glenn's farts; never a pleasurable experience. In any case, I feel one with the wind of new. I will not leave the flesh behind until I have absolute confirmation and assurance that what I am doing is correct and "right" for me.

Fight or Flight?
Tend of Befriend.

Take you pick of the mass' choice to the wise. Your strategy; my strategy. Dasani water bottles and assorted fruit trail mix. Is that what I have been offered? Tell me when this will all be allowed and un-done. My patience wears thin, but is still squishy enough to soak up the large amount of bullshit I am being fed by The Cog. Stick a fork in 'em, I'm done.

Damage done eh? No, I'm not in denial sillies. I just thought it would make a cool header. Eventually I'll use this one and actually make a serious (*gasp*) comment on it. Yeah. Or not. I could totally be hats-off about it all. A few people I know _are_ in a state of denial but this word doesn't describe the nature of effect. Some of it is addiction, others, loneliness. Still more; desperation. It isn't denial, for that has no pure form. You cannot deny something unless there is something coherently mis-wronged about the situation.

Yesh ossifer?
*mumble mumble*
No, I haven't been dunking! and espekelly not in your roool.


Titties and beer
Amaretto, friends, cold bud ice, lack of sleep, hard nipples, and sweet O-3. Whoa. Sounds like last night.
*tosses morals out the window*
Yeah, I'll join the orgy. What the heck.
Well, lemme think about it.

Fin (not on fishies)

Grey (2:50 PM)

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