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Saturday, January 10, 2004
-*Realistically? If you say so Mervin.*-

I have been playing way too much Final Fantasy XI lately and I'm guilty of neglect to my precious MUD. I think that I will take a short hiatus from it shortly after Xerlic goes back to school. The much-needed vacation I had from the MUD has been ever-stretched to span over 3 months now and it's time to stop playing games. I'm going to become an active recruiter from now on and help out the new wizards that I and Angan hired this week.

- Bow and arrows as well as other ammo have been put in this week.
- Default speed modifiers that make daggers easier to swing and wield in combat than a polearm have also been put in.
- Angan is still running classes on LPC every Friday. Each class log is posted on the main board as well as placed in txt format in a now-new directory accessible to
wizards. Topics for the following classes are posted on the board at the same time and usually the Wednesday before the class is held.
- Troela is still awesome.
- Our worldmap is being re-mapped by Marcatil. He is adding meandering streams as well as 6 new terrain types including jungles and frozen lakes.
- Angan has taken over the Spring domain for the time being as well as maintaining ownership over the Autumn domain.
- The machine running the game has been updated to the most recent kernel and entirely bug-fixed. See 4th comment.
- Ah, Angan's classes have been moved to Saturdays at 3 to 4 mud time. (That equates to 9am-10am EST). Classes may also potentially run until 5h mud time.

If interested in helping, please stop by. To reach me on the MUD, click the banner at the top right. Help keep SoA alive even if I don't like you. Word.

Alright, that's enough normal-speak for now.
Toodles ladybugs.

Grey (4:18 AM)

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