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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
-*phase shift*-

Things are changing again.
In the good way perhaps.

I'm studying a little more, going to class again (I hope), and getting my work done on time. I still have a paper to write this week, due on Friday, but I'm sure I will get it done as I am allowed to write it on Gladiator.

I'm going on a trip end of May. I am hoping to also go on a trip to see America with Kaa, Xerlic, and Psionimoe. I hope that one works out, although it doesn't seem to be in very much planning now with the latter two taking intensive summer sessions come June. Well, hope for the best right? I've been telling myself that that's how I should live my life again. It seems to be going.

It's cool though. Life has been 'eh' lately. But then I had a visitor this weekend and it all seemed to go really well. Xerlic visited me. It was fun. We talked a bit about rl stuff, and mostly FFXI stuff. We played a little Guilty Gear X2 for kicks. He's still better, but that's to be expected right? (heh, I had lotsa fun)

I am going to try to make more people happy from now on. No, not my parents sillies, but people who I feel have the potential to improve the quality of my current lifestyle and possible even living in a long-term scope. For starters, me. I don't do a lick to make myself happy, just dumb. Yeah, I know I smoke a lot of weed and I'm not afraid to say it anymore. I smoked 3 times a day everyday. Today I finally ran dry and I think it's a good start. I have been medicated, sedated, retarded, significant, jerkesque, backwards, kite-ridden, pencil-leaded, and frog-hatted for too many months now and I am about ready to turn the pain into tomato soup and let the cats slurp it up.

A wanting
never so far as blue
to turn a fountain's
water a hue
of colour so bright
the reds are dead
driven electric kite
to discover anew
a feeling purer blue
of wanting, to have
that thing so true.

Someday we'll shed our feathers and fall away.

Grey (7:12 PM)

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