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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
-*quiet silence*-

Hush little child for the seas of the silk sense have succumb to the ages of top-down processing.
Reality is one in ten thousand possibility in a larger pool of possible possibilities.

A day of rest today is not. Feelings of desire overwhelm the soul and there are those who would consider love an honest concept. I wish thee luck is what I said, unsure of what I meant at all. The mice of happiness scamper about the crumbs of delight, scooping up arm-fulls at a time of the most copious emotions, storing them away for days on eve.

A light flashes there; sometimes I can't sleep. Blink *blink* Buh-linky-blink. Faces the other way now - sleep comes to pass.

The night was young,
Lin said to me.
Let's go out to eat
at Applebee's.
I said that's fine
and tagged along.
We'd go there, eat,
come back,
hit the bong.

Changes come
as changes be
a way to cope,
set my mind free.

A plane of anxiety, rush, patience, recharge, carpet, traveling, is on hand. Details of sorts, ask me for what-what. We'll see if I can answer.

Good luck, I said, nobody listens. And then a death ensues.

Take it easy palindromes.

Grey (10:19 AM)

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