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Monday, March 15, 2004
-*slapdash mitten-boppers*-

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SO I am becoming worried about some stuff these days. Like staying in school and figuring out how I'm going to get off my ass to do laundry before I go home. I need something clean to wear duh. But the mayhem isn't as devouring as I make it out to.. be on most days. The camera of the outside observer stares me in the face right now and the player who is playing my character in the MMORPG of my life is being a very lazy fuck about this game.

On the other hand, I think I've turned bolTON The Everhard(tm) onto coding for Seasons. I think it was more of a self-inflicted wound and one that may have been caused by the rusty, tetanus knife that is AoD. But it's cool. I wanted him to get a feel for where my roots lay I think. He has caught on really well and he is totally my type of gamer, except for maybe the FPS addiction, but I'd say that if this relationship were a Venn Diagram, that the middle gray area would be RPGs and MUDs for certain. All the games that reminisce character portrayal.

Certainly I should've watched that movie today for sure.

*cuucccuuushhhhh* That television static resembles the platonic platonic relationship between your mind and a commercial break.

If you would like to know more about how to begin and start sentences with synonymous words, please leave your name and number in the comment box or drop me an email if you do not wish to be harassed by other readers perusing the comments.


We will no return you to your regularly scheduled programming.. *dramatic pause with pose* *fLeX* Resuming programming..

But no man, I didn't think that that was cool at ALL. I mean, nobody should treat a woman that way just because she's f'ugly.
*voice in head: I think the readers are back*
*me: oh..*

I forgot to watch the (Not)movie.. yeah.. that's what I think it was. Something (true)about Paladin AF1 completed and how I now have a/n Honor Sword. It's my personal *preference* to be the *primary*[sentence](at) sword wielder and now I have the ultimate paladin sword for a long while (all). But the fact is also that one other member caught up to me. A Taru. He's cool. We talk a lot about PTs we're in together and not. He has a lot of heart playing warrior classes as a T. It's really awesome though. And Xerlic's char is like.. whoa/wow. Again, preference. m_ (_-_) _m

What say you guys though? I haven't given it a lot of thought really. Maybe I am speaking another language. The Tag Board has been dry lately too. I guess I need to switch hosting or something! The Frog Hat declined. We're staying.

The life of a mouse is ----------------------------------------------------------- x
joyful and
until you
stamp his
life out with hamplement ----------------------------------------------------------- x

Gunner-time showing. To the glass of the year, so crystal,
so blue. And the night was ample for country song
blues. A the song of the rapture was happy in
hue. And the colors of writer's license were captivating
truth that declared we were dead from the moment we began
yet sent us out forth to
. . .
. . . .
____'__'_,,and die.._'________'___'
. . . .
' we roamed the land.._

Moonsets are stubborn, they should never occur.

Grey (3:05 AM)

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