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Sunday, May 30, 2004
-*loose shardshatinizic*-

I had a very exciting and relaxing weekend with a few of my friends this weekend. Joe, Matt, Chase, Phill, Lindsay, Fred, Britt, and I hung out on Thursday night at Phill's place (about 6h west of Rockland on the Southern Tier) in Olean, NY. I had been hesistant to go but Lin and Joe convinced me it would be worth my time and might be good for me tag along. So, Thursday afternoon Lin drove up to my place with her Montana license plates, Fred riding shotty, and Britt in the backseat. I put my bag in the trunk and off we went on a fun-filled road trip across New York state so we could spend time with people we'd seen a little over a week ago in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. We made due with an i-pod, a pit stop in Elmira, and a whole lot of jokes.

That night we, and by "we" I mean "they", had a few beers and I lounged around sipping my Woodchuck, which I was surprised to find there in the first place. I was happy. I got over being bored and it really was awesome.

Friday we went to Friendly's around noon for lunch and at 4:30 we went to the movies and saw The Day After Tomorrow, which while being a good movie and all, was littered with only mostly correct scientific jargon and some strange plot wholes that couldn't be plugged if they handed you a cork with your ticket. That night about a dozen more people showed up, some that Phill knew, and some he didn't. He knew then we were in for a pretty good party. Most of my time was spent on the back porch with 'Party A' which comprised of my traveling team - Lin, Fred, and Britt (whose name I am unsure is spelled with one t or two..). 'Party B' mingled in the house, meandering from garage to kitchen, sipping beer along the way and being social with eachother. At points, representatives from Party B attempted brief communication with those of Party A and some even became honorary members of Party A, the names of which I don't recall because I did not care to recall because it wouldn't matter if I knew them to tell you because you wouldn't care anyway either. Anywho, it was a fun time. There was even some Texas Holdup, red hot venison chile, 120 cans of Miller Lite, beer pong, the one aggravating drunk kid, and the trademark artificial platinum blonde who thought that she would die if a drop of beer got in her lungs.

All in all I did have a good time although I was uneager to show it as usual. My soul was lifted a bit and I feel as though I can begin to meditate normally again really concentrate on soulseeking. Even upon arriving home I was greeted by two cute girls who I am in the process of getting to know. Apparently they found my profile on MSN member directory.

Things are looking up and in two weeks there's a Bacardi Party at Fred's place. I will mot definitely be attending that event as long as the weather is fair then. After that, there may be another party sometime in June, and Stefenstock coming up on July 31st, I hope. I'm sorry for lack of planning, but it's not really so much a party as getting together to drink a little alcohol and generally chat about what's going on and getting to know new people that show up this year. If my parties are as low-key as I am, then I'm in for a lot of happy times. Thank you for praying for me, I felt it in my soul that night.

Cheers to second chances, renewed car insurance, and Mase (go Lin-dog)

Grey (12:47 AM)

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