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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I paced quickly across the street. One smoke was all I needed, but I knew I would be given twenty for my time. Jogging was my life and nicotine was my reward. The paycheck at the end of the day always reassured me of this.

As I exited the Getty convenient store I packed, unwrapped, lit, breathed, and broke into a slow trot. I took a long look at the sky. It was blue and beautiful. I remembered how perfect that day was. I ran like the wind. I may not have been the first to break the tape, or even the hundredth, but I knew who the winner was. Fluffy knew too because she was there, watching mommy's red hair be tossed about by the wind is lustrous fashion.

I took a look around, realizing I was already on South Pascack. How clockwork were my actions, how decisive my motives I thought. I couldn't wait to get home and just turn right back around and do it all over again. I took a long look down the road, but the heat blurred my vision. I slid my glasses up to my brow, squinting to get a better look, pushing the hair out of my face. I spied a gray SUV speeding toward me! The driver sped by, blinding me with a flash of light just as he or she passed. I felt him watching me through his rear-view mirror, peering at me. Maybe he was a fan. Hrm. Maybe he saw me run that day. Maybe he was the man of my dreams. The thought sent a shiver up my spine and I was happy. I lit another cigarette and jogged quickly home, eager to tell Fluffy about today and how great it was.

~The Epic Tales of Joggey-Smokey Lady, Volume 5

Grey (3:57 AM)

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