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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Noon wakey! Alright, so today I went to Rockland's newest GameStop over in the Spring Valley Marketplace. I browsed their used games a bit eyeing nothing of any interest. Afterwards, I decided I deserved fast food, a commodity I don't regularly abuse these days as I stay in most of the time coding. Burger King was within walking distance so I headed over there noticing an adversities for their *spicy* tendecrisp chicken sandwich. I remember having tried the *original* tendercrisp chicken sandwich at the BK at school (when it was available that is. They were sold out of it so often it made me wonder how frequently they even reordered them). I figured 'I like spicy things' and 'burger king now offers something that might potentially have taste. I mean, even their onion rings suck.' So I just had to have one of those new fangled chicken ma-bobbers. As I looked around for a secluded table I heard one of the stupidest phrases I think I'll ever encounter, but more on this later. I sat down and unwrapped my sandwich, not having eaten since about noon yesterday, and to my delight it appeared to be a regular tendercrisp chicken sandwich with some weird looking red sauce on it. I looked at my receipt; No mayo, Add Sauce. Now the dialog..

"Sauce", I thought. "I wonder what they mean by sauce.."
"I suppose I'll eat it anyway. I mean, it really is tender and crisp, but this is in no way spicy."
I thought some more.
"Well, in comparison to Wendy's *spicy* chicken sandwich (note to self: use asterisks around spicy each time in the blog post) it is not spicy at all, but the crisp outweighs the Wendy's chicken sandwich which does not actually promote itself as being crisppity or crunchity."
I pondered writing the Burger King CEO a note on this, as his name was staring me in the face from my tray's paper shield.
"Heh.. well then. This isn't too bad. Not bad at all. It's crispy and sorta spicy I guess. And man, these onions rings are really thick, but just with oil and not much onion. Oh well. Having it my way was never all that great to begin with."
At this point I recalled the earlier bout of stupidity.
"And what the FUCK did that guy mean when he told that chick 'Well I don't think the phantom of the opera was a man who wanted to make himself known. I mean, he wore a mask, so obviously he was hiding more than his face.'"
I peeked around the corner from where I was sitting to give the man a dirty look, half-hoping he would notice, but he didn't.
"I should go smear all this *spicy* sauce all in his eyes and shit for being a fucking dumbass. Who the fuck could be that much of an idiot to think that. I swear, some people deserve spicy sauce smeared in their eyes and I am the Retainer of such Justice! The Bearer of Badass! THE TITAN OF TORTURE! And I'm gonna go smear this sauce all over his corneas!"
I took a sip of soda. I noticed the man walk out the door nearest me. I laughed thinking (well I just tell you)..
"He's lucky he left, else I would.. not.. have done any of that I was.. just thinking about."
I had finished my soda so I got up to get more, but realized all my food was gone too. I didn't realize just how hungry I had been, eating that sandwich to replenish all the mental energy I had just spent devising a way to hurt not only that man's feeling, but his vision as well. In any case, it gave me an idea for a wicked device. I'm gonna code it sometime next week I guess.

Now I've got to drive my sister around places. Hang in there squirrels!

Grey (5:53 PM)

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