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Friday, July 02, 2004
-*boredom conundrum*-

It's Friday. It's GT Chicken Night here in Greyland and I hope you all remembered!

Ya know, I've been doing some thinking and maybe the choices I've made lately haven't been the best. I'm tired of FF again but probably because of the fishing and then the demand for equipment and the EXP parties (that have all been excellent, but boring) and now the need for so much to level-up. It's exhausting so I'm going back to the MUD for awhile. I don't know how long, but I started working on Paladin guild this week and I am really looking forward to finishing it more so than I am getting over 100k gil in XI.

As for school, I guess I'm not going back to Stony Brook. I tried. I gave it my all, put out the effort, petitioned, was even told I had a really good shot, wrote that 5-page letter describing my issues and shit, and was still denied. So fuck it. I guess I'm going to stay local for school for a semester or two. I only have a year of schooling to go, why can't I just finish it where I want to? It's really saddening and I know I am at fault for being a fuck-tard fool and not understanding my schoolwork or studying more or whatever.

It seems like I had my priorities straight after a few weeks here at home but I've let things slip away again and I need to have more self-control over my emotions and the voices in my head. I've made some good decisions as well and I am back to communicating with an old friend and have been able to chat with Xerlic and Myyral at will now which is nice, but only in the context of the game we play. It's not the same and I guess I just bored myself with it. I'm watching golf and I find that somewhat more exciting than what I was doing earlier.

It's time to order chinese food. I am soooo starving. I don't think I ate yesterday past a glass of Apple Juice and a chunky PB & J sammich. See ya'll this weekend and certainly this Tuesday for another edition of The Epic Tales of Joggey-Smokey Lady.

Grey (5:24 PM)

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