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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Waking from my humble slumber I thought of the man who had saved my life the day before. He was so handsome. And although he didn't speak english very well, everything he seemed to say was like a cool breeze upon my face. Ackmad was his name and I'd known him for several years now, him being the owner of the gasoline station, an establishment I frequented in my journeys to and from my home. I all that time I never knew how much he cared for me.

I quickly sprang from my bed and laced up my sneakers. I had gotten my new pair in the mail from the Modell's sweepstakes a won a few weeks ago. They were so comfortable and as I stood up I wondered if I had ever truly taken a step before in my life. I wanted to 'oooh' and 'aaah' like in that stupid commercial the cat always watches so I took the liberty to make said noises until I reached the corner.

I took off, too excited to slow down now. I ran all the way to the Shell station on my full tank of gas. As I went into my finishing trot I realized I hadn't made myself up today! The hope of finally settling down with someone had made me absent-minded and I felt somewhat ashamed and strangely, much like I did in high school when I had my first crush on Joseph Troy, that hunky-hunk of a man. I hear he's rich now and has a roly-poly beer belly. He's such a tease!

I stood against the wall of the Kwik-Mart and applied my makeup delicately. I conserved nothing. I applied the liquid makeup and powdered up for a flat look that really accentuated my cheeks. I took my time dabbing on the blush, pushing back towards my ears across my high cheek bones. Next, I grabbed my favorite eye shadow colour; lightning blue. I was dressing to impress here and I needed to go all out! Lastly, the mascara, gloss, and ruby red lipstick. I took one last glance in my compact mirror and puckered and smacked my lips. I practiced my kiss on a tissue and started around the corner.

As I reached for the door it flew open and there he was, Ackmad, in his pinstriped Shell dress shirt. His thick beard was like a flowing mane and his deep brown eyes stared dreamily into mine. His expression was priceless. It was as though he was shocked to see me. He looked happy but bewildered simultaneously.

"What's wrong Ackmad?", I asked.
"Oh! Uhm.. not a thing! I just did not expect to open the door and see you there. I was very suprised indeed."
"I see. Notice anything different about me today Ackmad?", I asked as I twiddled my thumbs behind my back and pushed my breasts out toward him.
"Yes, yes. You have new shoes! Very nice too."
I frowned a moment but tried to act cool. I thought maybe he was just playing coy with me so I wouldn't catch on. Yes, that was it.
"I am very sorry madam but I must be going. Today is very busy day. I will see you later perhaps. Have a good day!"

Ackmad walked away. I knew he had noticed me and I felt deep down that this was the start of something that could lead to sex for sure. Just then, that gray SUV I'd seen just the other day drove through the station to make a U-turn! Oh.. it was that man I wanted to meet. I tried to take a peek into his car as he passed right by the sidewalk I was standing on and in the passenger seat I saw a girl! He is cheating on me! No, wait. He can't be. He doesn't even know me! I took a deep breath and sighed. When would it be my time.

I walked back home, in no mood to exert myself. Besides, I had forgotten to feed Fluffy again before I left and it was getting late. Already 11 AM it seemed. Where had the time gone? One day I'll get my man.

~The Epic Tales of Joggy-Smokey Lady, Volume 7

Special thanks to Mishelee for makeup tips and such. Someone remind me to buy her one of those foam spongey thingamabobbers for her birthday, whenever that is.

Grey (11:19 PM)

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