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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
-*craptastication volume 14*-

Top 15 things I learned in Hawai'i
15. Mahalo means "thank you"
14. They have Luau every single night.
13. Being a fat man that plays the ukelele is cool.
12. Ohana does actually mean family and mine still sucks.
11. You forget your own name after the 8th maitai.
o/~ tiny bubbles
in the wine
makes me feel happy
makes me feel fine o/~
9. Getting leid never fails.
8. Wearing they flower on the left side means you're single or just trying to be fashionable.
7. Everyone is so laid back, marijuana ought to be legal.
6. McDonald's uses letters instead of numbers.
5. Like the eskimos and "snow", Hawaiians don't have 40 words for "friggin' hot"
4. You can get just about anything done in fifteen Hawaiian minutes.
3. ABC translates to CVS and they're everywhere.
2. Everyone is your cousin.
1. If you make a fist and extend your pinky and thumb and wiggle it, that means "hang loose".

Day 1: sucked
Day 2: sucked
Day 3: sucked a lot
Day 4: sucked
Day 5: half sucked because coming home didn't suck.

Just around the previous corner
Everything went smoothly concerning the party and meeting new people and spending time with everyone (and partially dealing with their bullshit) and in the end it left everyone with a smile on their face and a pillow over my head. In a sense I have been annoyed at the world because of the inferences that they are programmed to draw from words and actions. My lack of faith in people has been renewed and I see problems on the next block of the world. I am finally realizing what it means to live as a human being in a society of complete morons. Or do I still have much to know?

Right now..
Well I made it back to school above all the white noise and whatever. I have an unexpected roommate this semester which seems like it ought to be a blast. Reb is over there and I ask him what he's doing every ten minutes to fuck with his head. As for Joe, he's being a hermit, that which I wouldn't mind being myself. I have my ways of avoiding people; they're just not top-tier plans of action with a mission statement and backup procedures. Right now I'm very annoyed.

People talk 'at' me a lot as if I'm supposed to be listening but I'm really not. To some, I feel guilty because they are really trying to be my friend and I give them the same treatment as everyone else. But that's what I remember learning in DeHuman. I recall making a considerable amount of promising to put people on an equal playing field, but now it is becoming more difficult to understand why friends have different a subjective worth and why they should all be treated differently. Is this habit supposed to bleed like the ink bolter onto the parchment of life concerning everyday people? Guh... I'm not even going to spell-check this post.

Don't ask because I actually don't know. I'm struggling with scheduling problems already and I will tomorrow be even more annoyed. Anyhow, it IS tomorrow already and I should be asleep. BYE.

Grey (1:53 AM)

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