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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Since I last wrote I have been a slave in my own home. Each note the spiders leave on the counter is a short list of demands. Oddly whichever spider is producing these notes has handwriting similar to mine. It's quite a fun game I think and their webs are staring to cover more and more of the house but I don't mind. I feel it adds a bit of decor. But enough about the spiders and more about anything but spiders.

The other day I receive a letter from a sweepstakes saying I was in line to win 10 million dollars. That is so much money I wouldn't know what to do with it all! I told Fluffy but she was too tired and lazy to jump around on the bed with me and instead growled while staring at my ankles as I disturbed her 4pm nap. When the letter came it was in a mysterious brown envelope wrapped up all secret-like. I could understand why they'd do such a thing. What if someone posing to be me was playing "for" me and claimed my prize in the end! I've heard too many identity theft stories from the paper and TV. So I read the contents of the letter and mailed it back as they wanted me too. If 10 million dollars was that easy to get then I wish they'd sent that letter earlier.

I told Mauve at the Rest Home all about the money that was coming to me and I told her about the car I wanted to buy (I love Periwinkle!) and I promised to get her out of that place. She said it was all a sham but I didn't know what she was talking about. As she rambled on about some contest where I was only one of thousands of people chosen I laughed on the inside and ignored anything she really had to say, but kept nodding as I daydrempt about what I could buy. She was jealous, that's all it was. No one was sending that old bag of bones any money. Not even one dollar for Mauve. I got angry and told her I had to go pick up more cigarettes at the station.

I jogged to the Getty and headed into the Kwik Mart. Ackmad wasn't working today. I wanted so to tell him that I would take him away from here and we could move to a desert island and be together, forever in love; just the two of us and the dog. I wished then that I knew where he lived. OH MY GOD! Ten MILLION dollars!!! My heart started racing and I couldn't breathe fast enough to slurp up the oxygen my lungs wanted so badly. I cough and wheezed and lit a cigarette as I exited the shop. I wanted to run home and dance. So I did.

~The Epic Tales of Joggy-Smokey Lady, Volume 9

Grey (1:22 PM)

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