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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
-*topics of repercussion*-

burning questions (hint-ay nixey-chick)
Twice doth the query-tail.

In an attempt to rid my mind of the heavy things I have been a bit more talkative lately and a part of me hasn't quite figured out what I am up to actually but it has still been somewhat alleviating. While there have been some very hazardous signs, many of them have been too weak to play up as circumstantial evidence. As one would imagine there have been very vivid images of hope in some of these pointers while other points of light are so dim that one can barely identify, much less classify them, at all.

I thought maybe I'd just ask and see what was up but I didn't really want to disturb a harmonious kinship at the time but now I'm just getting to the point where I know it's kind of a do-or-die situation and regardless of the outcome, quite frankly, I don't need the responsibility even if the scene turns favorable. I think I have just been fooling myself anyway and have been interpreting yellow lights as green lights and green lights as red lights. Honestly, what's a guy to do when the circumstances are as they are anyway? Someone says I have nothing to lose and maybe she's right. On the other hand, what I have is what I'd rather not lose and the more I ponder my proposed actions the less confident I feel, and naturally, I am increasingly deterred as well.

Refraination (re-fra-nay-shun) seems the likely route to take but I can only keep myself contained for so long before the whimsical pony of time bares down and delivers to me a mule kick of a persuasion I've never known. Personally, it's all donkey doodoo to me but I might just be in love. Eh, what do I know..

front-sider interrogation (backtrack the wheeler prime)
One problematic conundrum has been settled, leaving only one. If only you guys knew how warm it made me inside (although previous to such sleuthing I was only annoyed as hell). Now that one set of events has gone to completion, and I would like to comment that it was the stupidest assumation (ass-uhm"ay-shun) of straight-honest-talky-truth-speak that I had probably even had. I am glad that lies and deceit were left at the door. Truly this must be the mark of a real friend, no? Thanks dear. I appreciate it.

conclusionary measures ("'teh' end" [teh-nd])
Right, so everything is better today because I was given the opportunity to get a lot of things off my mind ([land]mine). But there are still many burning questions to be asked still and I doubt I will pursue this endeavor any further once the week is over. I don't think I have the guts to ask the burning questions. Due to the graphic nature of this blog post, it will now be terminated.

Grey (12:17 PM)

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