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Monday, September 13, 2004

Having taken on a number of responsibilities lately I have been feeling somewhat smothered. But, I think that the number of tasks I have undertaken is good for me in some way. I thought to myself that perhaps this is really how not-lazy people live their lives. I take Glenn as an example of this. Most of the things I have been working on are unimportant realistically but good for the soul and add a bit of spice to my life as well as fuel my creative juices, blending them into an unthinkable form of art that only another such as myself could fathom. I'll type up a short list now just so I share my current interests with you, the readers.

- DM for an original D&D campaign
- Static FFXI parties for my BLM27, PLD61, WAR36, NIN19 and WHM28 (both on hold atm)
- Class/Homework for school
- Original artistry and map-making for possible use on SoA/D&D campaign
- Pirate and hi-share member on the school's DC++ hub (not so high anymore tho =P)

Future projects include:
- Possible concept designer for an upcoming MMORPG for nvidia (more on this much later)
- Owner of a SharkHat
- Member of InQuestion next summer pending invite (hooray music)

There are probably a few things I'm forgetting but if I can't recall them right now then they're probably not important. On a side note I think my keyboard is dying. The spacebar is acting really crappy these days and I will probably order a new one right after this post. Anyhow, for anyone wishing to send fan/e-mail again, I've got it working again now. I know it was a problem for a little while but the school's e-mail bounce server wasn't working totally right or I had the address typed in wrong or something. Oh, and Joggy-Smokey entry should be up by tomorrow afternoon assuming I find the time to devise a story to fill some of the previous plot holes introduced in the previous entry. Another guest entry will probably go up the week after next or so from a party to be named after the next post.

If you'd like to be added to my AIM/MSN buddy lists, please contact me via e-mail. I have had one complaint of not being able to contact me that way via e-mail recently and it is because I have a private buddy list and must add you first in order for you to contact me.

Today is a happy day because it is not raining and even though I've only had about an hour and twenty minutes of sleep I think I will finish my classes for the day and come back and study tonight during the well-placed FFXI update. The promise of classes off on Thursday and Friday and no class after 5pm on Wednesday is certainly helping to ease some of the stress this week. Everyone in the suite is very happy and on Thursday we'll probably go see RE2 in the theatre together. Maybe Glenn will even tag along being as he lives on the same street as the local Loew's.

Ok gang, take care and hang in there 'til I find more time to write crap for you to digest and such. Heck, make your own damn blog and send me the link! I like to read too you know..


Grey (1:57 PM)

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