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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
-*wandered gnilkud*-

The new template is up and I hope you all enjoy it.

This Friday begins D&D again and I have yet to write down the concrete idea for the campaign but I have three pages of ideas devoted to everything that should go into the campaign (so far). I can't wait to watch these guys play it out. It'll be so much fun to watch and see how they interact in the world I've made for them, something I've always wanted people to want to want. It's a bit like a dream come true.

I feel life running through me again. I have been totally bogged down with work lately and among all the baggage and rampant laziness I have still somehow managed to get everything done on time in high-quality fashion. Honestly I can't say life is so bad right now save a few things that just didn't work out for me. This is the new phase; this is the new life. Tonight we'll celebrate in stanza.. (for prose has lost some meaning in the transition)

a flight of the soul,
a night for the bell
to toll
and toll
and toll.
we leave for anew
and bring on the few
thoughts we remember from days long past.
should we be glad
or should we be mad?
"why bother?" said the catepillar,
"it only makes it worse," as he sucked on his hash pipe.
g'nite to the ones that make the days bright
and goodbye to the ones that made the night night.

ReHumanization Project: success [alpha]
BeHumanization Project: progressive motion

Grey (1:45 AM)

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