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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The winds hit my face hard this morning. I didn't know if I would be able to perform my usual routine to and from the gas station. Oh but I missed my sweet little Indian man. I longed to see him again and I was running low on cigarettes already. I did not know I could smoke so many in three hours!

Fluffy was her usual chipper self this morning, lying there on the window ledge growling at the neighborhood kids playing catch on their lawn. I was unsure I had actually felt anything that day. I mean, I know I woke up and I know I went out and I know I came back at some point but my memory was jogged now. The mail piled up on the coffee table. "I'm a winner" they say. I haven't really won anything and only now that I recall the sweepstakes do I actually want to send one of those in again. What if I lost my chance to steal Ackmad away from all of this, or maybe that young man in the SUV would notice me if I wore a blue hat or had prettier hair. I am so frustrated now!

I think I broke the vase and I definitely scared Fluf. My hand hurts too. Playing with nails and plaster was a bad idea and now the shower is all in disarray. The fish in the sink have all died and I haven't put up the new wallpaper since I tore down the old decor. That window has been broken for months now and the incessant whistling of the wind has about driven me to drink. I have no more amaretto. I have no more coke. I am in dire need of cola.

I picked up the phone and thought it was strange not to see a cord running into it. I used it just yesterday to call Brad Pitt. He is so pleasant on the phone. I thought about calling Dustin Hoffman to catch up on old times (it has been so long!) but no matter how much I shook fluffy, she wouldn't tell me where she hid the phone line. I think her tail fell off but I didn't notice.

Maybe tomorrow I will go for a jog. Yes, I will go see what is going on down the street. I think I will go get pizza. Mushrooms and pepperoni and I will bring some back for puppy and squirrel. I desperately need the Sears folk to come and unclog my kitchen sink. I will see about that humus now. Wait..

~The Epic Tales of Joggy-Smokey Lady, Volume 12

Grey (3:04 AM)

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