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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Lately I have been in a state of deep thought. Most of the time I spend walking around piddling with mental toys and peddling I still haven't quiet been able to complete a full thought process. At first I felt inadequate in terms of being able to think about the wondrous things others desire so and that has led me to believe that I am still unfit to rule my own microcosmic. Thus my thoughts were forced into a reorganizational hiatus.

A few days later I realized I didn't indent my paragraphs. I also realized I didn't care and moved on. I never published that post because it was in itself inadequate and I discovered a few more things on my mind that would make for better self-conversation. I moved on.

Recently my attention has shifted towards the notion of infallibility. This came up on the way to a class and was later even discussed in a different class on the same day. I did not want to slip this time and thought vigorously about it. I came to several conclusions, all of which were impossible to fathom existing within the scope of humanity; a shortcoming not my own, finally.

Little did I know that these ideas were not meant to exist in nature. In other words, unbound by causal law (and the puzzle makes sense now.. ?). I laughed a bit and unloaded a plethora of strange ideas in the direction of left wall and being the liberal I am, shot straight through to the heart of possibility. S/he that which is infamous for correctness deserves respect a priori. Further analysis of the stream functioned only to facilitate any the argument unto itself. In the end it was actually sort of fun.

While I apologize for not divulging my exact irregularly patterned thought on this topic, it should be clear the point I am trying to place across. Falibiliality is the key to unlocking the box of secrets someone is obviously holding from us. Arc the logical procedures of concern and find your own path, be it one in plain sight, a beaten trek already preceding you, or one of your own hack and slash makeshiftiness.

Yeah. That about sums it up.

Grey (3:28 AM)

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