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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I found myself on the corner this morning. I can't remember for the life of me how I got there but Fluf was there lying on her side, drunk as a lemur, stiff as cardboard.

Faintly I remember being at that concert. What was it.. Pink Floyd? maybe the Stones..

I thought to myself: "Where have I been?"
I reply: "I don't know."

Nowhere in my vocabulary would I find the words that described the way I felt. 'Happy' is close but something else added onto it.

"Faaantabulous," I thought. My inner monologue began a slow. I wanted to take a ride on a rainbow on the back of a dinosaur. Yeah, a big giant fuck-off lizard. Oh my. The voice inside had cussed! I quickly scolded him and asked that he take a ride to the clinic with me and if I could join him on the dilophosaurus. No, wait. I didn't want to go there. Last time they tried to poke me with needles. I don't have that thing. I'm just fine.

I reached into my pocket and found two bits of sidewalk chalk. My left rear molar felt like I had been chewing on rubber and a bitter taste was left in my mouth. I thought maybe I had been chewing on it but there was no powder in my mouth or anything. Suprisingly I felt reassured in my happiness when I thought of it. I was covered in balloons! I felt like I was riding on a crazy cloud just like the night before.

Was that supposed to remind me of something? I stared at the string tied around my finger and tried to invoke the force. My head hurt. I was tired. I dragged Fluffy home seeing as she was too tired to too exhausted to carry her. I sighed. I don't even remember where I lived. Why did I keep this journal on me. All I have to write with is an orange crayon. I sighed again and wandered around until I found myself here.

~The Epic Tales of Joggy-Smokey Lady, Volume 14

Grey (2:34 AM)

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