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Saturday, January 08, 2005

I was all bundled up, ready for anything the winds had for me today. I tossed and turned all night but I managed to sneak in at least twenty minutes of sleep. Even though the hardwood floor may look uninviting, eventually you warm up to it.

Fluffy was not her usual self. In fact, lately she has been very rude to me. She doesn't say hello in the mornings, still growls at the neighborhood kids playing outside in the snow, and won't even touch her food. I don't know how she keeps going.

Anyway, why am I writing about this! The good news is I jogged today and I feel it in my bones again! That's right, the feeling of champions! I don't need steroids or drugs of any kind to keep me in shape. I'm fit is a fiddle and all those chumps out there are just that; chumps!

I did my morning stretches and rubbed my legs through and through. Was I ready? Yes. Did I want it? Badly. I put on my gray sweats, wrapped my checkered scarf around my neck and squeezed into that warm, tight blue parka and I ran. I ran so long and so fast I think I broke land-speed records.

Just when I got into my natural stride, which I must admit is very good (I don't think anymore runs better than I do, at least not in these times), I fell! Blasted trickery was at work here! I skimmed my knee as I feel forward onto the pavement. I think I twisted my ankle. I was so far from home, and looking in either direction I couldn't decide what I wanted more; cigarettes or to see Fluffy one last time before my career was over.

I tried to stand, but the pain was unbearable. I stayed there along the road side for a few minutes, my left right ankle throbbing. My foot landed right on that rock and I couldn't push off of it. I fell to the side and grabbed the guard railing and landed in a pile of mud. That rock hadn't been there yesterday or the day before. Hmmm.. someone had put it there on purpose! Someone who reads minds I think. There is a foul plot afoot and I mean to get to the bottom of it!

~The Epic Tales of Joggy-Smokey Lady, Volume 15

Grey (2:05 PM)

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